10 Things Not to Miss in Zion Canyon

10 Things NOT to Miss in Zion Canyon

I’m having to think wayyy back in my memories for this one. I went on a family trip to Zion and Bryce canyon about 8 years ago, but I remember it being absolutely beautiful. The Grand Canyon gets all the fame, but Zion Canyon truly is amazing, and definitely worth going to see. These are my top 10 things to do in Zion:

  1. The Narrows

  2. Angel’s Landing

  3. Zion Mnt Carmel Hwy27731984715_4c7eb45995_b

  4. Horseback Riding through the Canyon

  5. Weeping Rock trail

  6. Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

  7. Canyon Overlook Trail

  8. Emerald Pools at Subway

  9. Court of the Patriarchs

  10. Canyoneering

    What else do you guys recommend in Zion??

xx Chels