21 Things I’m going to Miss about Texas

21 Things To Miss About TexasTODAY IS THE DAY!!! Today I leave my Texas life behind and move to AUSTRALIA! I am beyond excited. Saying my goodbyes has been tough and I am going to miss all my friends and family dearly, but I am also so excited to see what this adventure has in store for me!

As I am writing this in the airport before I board my flight, I am thinking of all the things I am going to miss about Texas. Now, this is not a definite, final list, but I think its pretty darn comprehensive of everything I love and will miss about the wonderful state of Texas:

  1. Texas Football399674_10151382284762166_142119827_n

  2. Hearing people say Y’all

  3. Whataburger (so much so that it was my last meal)cokfwq_ueaauedu

  4. Texas BeersShiner Family

  5. HEB

    HEB-West University
  6. Bluebonnets & Wildflowers

  7. Tex-Mex Food

  8. Dirty 6th Street — a guilty pleasure, you can’t lie and say you don’t kinda love dirty 6th 😉

    SXSW on 6th Street
  9. Blue Bell Ice Cream

  10. Kolaches

  11. Los Spurs

  12. Driving on the right side of the road

  13. Two-Stepping

  14. Kerbey Queso (and all queso in general)

  15. Buc-ee’s

  16. Swimming Holes > Swimming Pools

  17. Hill Country Sunsets

  18. Live Music in Austin

  19. Texas BBQ

  20. Rodeo San Antonio

  21. Breakfast Tacostacobook56

Actually tho, not sure how I am going to survive hangovers without breakfast tacos, so if anyone knows of a breakfast taco place in Sydney, PLEASE let me know — I will be forever in your debt <3

Wish me safe travels! Next time I’m online, I’ll be in Sydney 🙂

xx Chels

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