5 Mistakes I Made While Visiting Fiji

5 Mistakes I Made While Visiting Fiji

I recently wrote a guest post for Two Monkeys Travel on 7 awesome things to do in Fiji, and while writing it I realized I made some mistakes and missed out on some things I really wish I had done. With that in mind,  I thought I would share with yall those mistakes in hopes no one else does the same!

Mistake #1: Got talked into a “tour” by a local


This is the biggest mistake I made while in Fiji (pretty picture above to distract you from what an idiot I was). Not only because I missed out on seeing many of the things I wanted to, but also because it wasn’t very safe. One of the taxi drivers (and self-proclaimed tour guide) that worked for the hotel convinced me that he could take me to see better waterfalls, a real Fijian village, etc. for less and that it would be way better. In my defense, I didn’t really agree to a set plan and tried to wave him off, but the next morning he showed up and didn’t really give me an option. He made me believe that he had already booked all these things when in reality, nothing was actually booked. And surprise surprise, the price went up and up as the day went on with all these hidden extra costs.

And to make it all that much worse, I was alone. I know what you’re thinking “what an idiot,” and you’d be right. It was so unsmart of me, and I won’t ever make that mistake again. Most of the rest of my mistakes in this post come from making this first one and missing the things I really wanted to see.

Moral of the story: Don’t let a local talk you into letting them show you around; stick to the legitimate tours, it’s safer and you’ll know what you’re getting upfront and have a much better experience.

Mistake #2: Missed out on the Jewel of Fiji

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.28.30 PM.png
photo from tour website

This I am really bummed about. The Jewel of Fiji is a tour that takes you to an amazing waterfall of the Navau river. I let the taxi driver convince me he knew of a bigger and better waterfall when I should’ve trusted my gut and gone to see the one I really wanted to. The tour also includes a village visit with a welcome kava ceremony (on this list of mistakes as well). This tour has won countless awards and I’m kicking myself for not going on it! Tip: DO go chasing waterfalls, just not random ones your taxi driver says are best.

Mistake #3: Didn’t spend more days snorkeling


I went out on a snorkeling day cruise with Coral Cats, and had the BEST time! The snorkeling was absolutely amazing and I loved getting to sail around the islands. I only wish I had spent another day or two out on the water! The fish just absolutely surround you, it’s incredible. I felt like I was literally swimming in an aquarium. This is a must do! Tip: Definitely book a sailing tour for one day, and try and stay at a resort that has snorkeling right off the beach.

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Mistake #4: Didn’t bring enough bug spray

Anchorage Beach Resort Fiji: Great views, Terrible service

I’ll save you the picture of my legs completely covered in mosquito bites… it’s not pretty. Instead, you can just imagine just how many bugs are in Fiji based on how many were crawling all over my bure (traditional Fijian villa). I came home one evening, and my showered was absolutely crawling with ants. I was warned about this beforehand but didn’t take it seriously enough. I got eaten alive and had to buy some from the hotel (so of course was double the price). Tip: Buy plenty before and reapply often while you’re there.

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Mistake #5: Didn’t get a real Fijian village experience


This is something I’m also really upset about missing. My “tour guide” took me to a traditional village, but I didn’t really get to experience it. I met the chief and then he and my driver talked in their native language while I awkwardly followed along behind not getting any insight into their world. I really wanted to hear about the history and culture and get a peek into real village life, but alas, that didn’t happen. Tip: Go with an organized tour, you’ll have a much better experience overall and most include a Kava ceremony (traditional Fijian drink that is a must try).

Fiji is amazing and so worth visiting, just don’t make the same mistakes I did and ruin your dream vacation!

xx Chels

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9 thoughts on “5 Mistakes I Made While Visiting Fiji

  1. I tried Kava and don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much! It just tastes like water and gives your lips a tingle. But I guess it’s nice to try these things for yourself too!

  2. Thanks for your candidness in sharing this rather than only glossing over important lessons you learned and could share! Hopefully they’ll turn into reasons for you to go back to Fiji – I would love to see it myself!

  3. Thanks for the update on bug spray. Sounds awful that a dream vacation should be spoiled by bugs and ants. Yuk. Hmm maybe I’ll stick to the Daintree

  4. Hi there, my family and I went to Fiji when the kids were little. I went in the swimming pool at the resort for a scuba diving lesson. I came out with raging diarrhea. I ran past the same waiter 8 times to get to the toilet on time. It was awful. Then I started throwing up. Lucky the loo was next to the bath so I could do both at the same time. Then middle child got it and took to throwing up in the room’s ice bucket which was handy. Younger toddler got it next then oldest child. He was throwing up into an empty cereal packet. At the airport, he was desperately clutching his cereal bag of vomit and we got told to put it on the scanner for an xray lol. Husband got it once we got home. Worst holiday ever. We noticed they didn’t cook their chicken properly in the restaurant and no doubt it was in the swimming pool too. Your trip could have ended like ours.

    And we almost got mugged in Suva too. Three Indian guys started following us but we got saved by a Canadian guy who had seen them start following us and pulled us aside. We had our hands full with kids and bags, and hubby’s wallet was slightly sticking out of his pants. This was after we got threatened we had to park our rental car in a person’s special parking lot for $10 or it would be stolen.

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