Austin Oyster Fest 2018: A Shell of a Time

Fact: I can eat my weight in oysters. So, of course, I was pumped to go to Austin’s Oyster Festival! I think Rachel and I were both absolutely stuffed by the end of it. Here’s my rundown and review of the event:

Raw Bar: Gulf and East Coast Oysters

They had both Gulf and East Coast oysters available to try. The East coast ones were more expensive, so ignorantly, I assumed they were the better ones. Wrong-o. They were a lot smaller, and not as flavorful. The Gulf oysters, on the other hand, were fantastic!

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2480

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2546

Austin Oyster Festival 2018 | Austin, TX


Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2544

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2553

That Fry Bar Tho…

Crispy Oyster Banh Mi, New Orleans Style Oyster and Shrimp Po’Boys, Pommes Frites, and Baked Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding with Amy’s Ice cream… need I say more?

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2487

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2529

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2524

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2498

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2528

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2485

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2500.jpg

The Grill Bar

Smoked Bacon Oysters Rockefeller, Grilled Oysters with Roasted Garlic Anchovy Butter, Creole BBQ Butter Shrimp over Grilled Garlic Bread, Oyster and Rock Shrimp Gumbo with Andouille Sausage, and Smoked Oyster and Roasted Corn Bread Pudding

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2494

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2573

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2571

Austin Oyster Festival 2018-2567.jpg

And of course, the Bar Bar 😉


So what do you think? Are you in for Oyster Fest 2019!? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Chels

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