Snowmobiling Tour at Winter Park Resort

On our last day visiting Winter Park Resort in Colorado, we did a 2-hour guided snowmobile tour, and it was hands down my favorite part of the trip! Snowmobiling at Winter Park Resort is a must.

Snowmobiling Winter Park Resprt

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Winter Park Resort - Snowmobiling

Who Can Ride a Snowmobile?

Anyone over the age of 4 is able to go on a snowmobile tour at Winter Park Resort! However, in order to drive one, you must be over 16 years old and have a valid drivers license. 

You are able to ride two people to a snowmobile, but note there is a 400 pound total weight limit.

Snowmobiling in Winter Park, CO

What To Expect on a Snowmobile Tour in Winter Park Resort

Your guide will go over all the rules and explain how to work and drive the snowmobile before the tour. They do a great job making sure you feel comfortable before starting.

Snowmobile Tour in Winter Park Resort

I was a little nervous going into because I had never driven one before, but luckily, it really is quite easy to drive! Of course, still be cautious.  But don’t be deterred from booking a tour because you never have driven one before!

Snowmobiling at Winter Park Resort

We did the 2-hour Continental Divide Adventure tour and it was fantastic! This tour is the most popular one in the entire state and perfect for beginners/all abilities! 

Snowmobiling in Winter Park, Colorado

What To Bring Snowmobiling in Winter Park Resort

Definitely dress in layers, it’s COLD. Dress as you would if you were going skiing, including gloves and goggles. I would highly recommend something to keep your neck and face warm too (like a neck gaiter). 

See my complete winter ski trip packing list here.

What to Wear Snowmobiling at Winter Park Resort

They provide boots and DOT certified helmets free of charge. They also have snow suits, gloves, etc. at the tour place, but are an additional cost. You can also rent GoPro gear too!

Snowmobiling Tour in Winter Park, CO

Where Do You Go Snowmobiling?

Your guide will take you on the best route through the continental divide depending on the weather and snow conditions. 

Thank you to Shelly for most of the awesome video!

It was snowing during our tour so we didn’t see the views as clear as you normally would, but honestly, I’m not upset about it… the snow falling like that was magical. 

Snowmobiling at Winter Park Resort

Our guide took us along some single track routes, it was like being in Narnia! Huge, snow covered pine trees lined the entire path (seen in the video above — screenshot below).

Snowmobiling in Winter Park, CO

It really was an incredible tour and I cannot recommend it enough when visiting Winter Park Resort!

How to Book a Snowmobile Tour

A reservation is highly recommended, though they do take walk-ins based on availability. Call 970-726-9247 or book online to make a reservation.

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Any questions about snowmobiling at Winter Park Resort? Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer them!

xx Chels

Snowmobiling Tour in Winter Park, Colorado
Things to do in Winter Park, CO: Snowmobile Tour
Snowmobiling Tour in Winter Park, CO
Snowmobiling in Winter Park, CO

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