Best Gift Ideas for Travelers – Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone who loves traveling? Check out this list of 19 best gift ideas for travelers in 2020! This gift list includes cool tech gadgets, travel gifts, luggage, and accessories! 

19 Gift Ideas for Travelers - 2020 Travel Gift Guide

19 Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Travel Gifts for 2020

Travel Themed Art Print

Etsy has so many amazing travel-themed art prints! These would make a great gift for any traveler. Browse all art prints here.

Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass gives you access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide! I personally am a Priority Pass member and absolutely love it! // Buy here

The Essential Traveler Wellness Kit

travel gifts - The Essential Traveler Wellness Kit

This Essential Wellness Kit for Travelers includes remedies for all the common travel-related illnesses for sleeplessness, hangovers, belly issues, and decreased immunity. // Buy here

Travel Door Stop + Security Alarm

While not necessarily the most exciting gift, this travel door stop + security alarm is a great safety tool! Not only does it stop the door from being opened, but it also has an extremely loud alarm that will sound when pressure is applied (aka if someone was ever trying to get into your room). // Buy here

Travel Coffee Table Book

While we aren’t able to travel as much this year, it’s still fun to dream about traveling to unique, far-off places! These coffee table books have some of the most beautiful travel photos in them! // See more travel books here.

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Gift Ideas for Travelers - Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

The Adventure Essentials Survival Kit from Uncommon Goods includes water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and waterproof matches. It all fits nicely in a small canister that doubles as a flashlight tube.// Buy here

3D City Postcard Sculpture

3D travel postcards at travel gift

Not like a regular postcard, it’s a cool postcard (mean girls, anyone?)! This 3D postcard sculpture is available for 11 different cities! // Buy here

Scratch Off World Map

Scratch off world map travel gifft

This scratch off world map helps keep track of where you’ve been! I got this for Christmas one year, and it was one of my favorite gifts! // Buy here

Cool Tech/Gadget Gift Ideas for Travelers

Instant Translator

Travel Gifts - Instant Translator

This incredible tech travel gadget can translate whatever you want to say instantly — and without WiFi! Just press the button, speak into it, and release for the translation! // Buy here

Noise-Canceling Headphones

gifts for travelers - bose noise canceling headphones

I include noise-canceling headphones every year, but they really are the best gift you can give a traveler!! They cut down the noise on planes SO much. Bose also makes noise-canceling earbuds for anyone who prefers those. // Buy here

Skyroam Portable WiFi Hotspot

How to Get Unlimited WiFi Anywhere - skyroam review

I used my Skyroam while traveling through Europe and it was a LIFESAVER! This portable WiFi hotspot easily connects you with service in over 100+ counties // Buy here

Long Distance Touch Bracelet (or Lamp)

Know someone in a long-distance relationship? Or have friends that live on the other side of the world? This friendship bracelet is a perfect gift for them! Simply touch it, and it will light up/buzz the other person’s bracelet, wherever they re in the world! // Buy here

There are also lamps available

goTenna Mesh Off-Grid SMS & GPS Devices

The goTenna Mesh pairs to your phone and allows you to sent texts and GPS locations between other goTenna devices! // Buy here


Gift Ideas for Travelers - GoPro HERO9

 GoPros are the ultimate adventure camera for travelers! The GoPro HERO9 came out recently and is even more impressive than the last! // Buy here

Portable Solar Charging Panel

Gift ideas for Travelers - Portable Solar Charging Panel

This awesome solar charging panel is excellent for travelers who like to get outdoors. The solar panels can charge a phone or device in only a couple of hours! // Buy here

Travel Accessories + Luggage Gifts

Weekender Bag

Since 2020 has consisted of a whole lot more road trips, a weekender bag is a great gift! // Browse Etsy here

Personalized Passport Cover

Gift ideas for Travelers: personalized passport cover

A personalized passport cover is a great gift idea for travelers. Not only does it protect their most prized possession, but also the personalization adds a nice touch! // Buy here

Hard Shell Expandable Luggage Set

While our suitcases probably haven’t had much use over the last year, now might be a great time to trade-in and get a new one! // Buy here

Clear Carry-on Toiletries Bag + Leak Proof Reusable Bottles

Carry-on Bag TSA Approved

This TSA approved, clear toiletries bag comes with reusable, leak-proof bottles as well! // Buy here

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