The Positive Influence Podcast

I am so excited to announce a new chapter of One Chel of an Adventure: I am hosting a podcast  called The Positive Influence!

The Positive Influence‘s mission is to bring bloggers and Instagrammers together to talk about the crazy world that is being an “influencer.” We talk about how they got started, some of the challenges and success they’ve faced, and what their goals are for the future. They also share some of their best tips for getting started in this space!

It’s meant to not only be a helpful resource to anyone in influencer world, but to also help guest connect with their audience even more! 

On my first episode of The Positive Influence, I interview Katey Yurko from the

Chatting with Shruthi Parker from The Honest Shruth

Interviewing Kelsey Kennedy from So Much Life Blog.

Chatting with Rachel Emma from Rachel Lately!

Interviewing Shelby Sorrel! Follow her at @shelbysorrel.

The Positive Influence, Episode 6

This week, I talk to Chris Rhodes from @seethestarsablaze

Interviewing Hayden Walker, @haydenplus1, Editor at @austinfoodmagazine

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Know an influencer that you’d like to see on the show? Have them email me or send me a DM on Instagram!

xx Chels