21 Holiday Gift Ideas for Female Travelers

If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Here are 21 holiday gift ideas for female travelers — updated for 2020!

Best Gift Ideas for Female Travelers

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Travel Gift Ideas

Cozy sweatshirts are always good to have on the plane! Etsy has some really cute ones with travel sayings. There are a few of my favorites: 

This carry-on cocktail kit is a great gift idea because let’s be honest, sometimes airplane cocktails just don’t cut it 😉 They offer multiple different cocktails: Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Hot Toddy, Moscow Mule, Margarita, and more!

gift ideas for female travelers - Carry-on cocktail kit

How perfect is this airplane necklace as a gift for ladies who love to travel?! There is also a 14K Rose Gold option, and one that is a choker

airplane necklace gift for female traveler

Some of us need a little more help packing than others. If you know someone like that, this book might just be the perfect gift for them!

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

This mini cork globe is a cool way to track where in the world you’ve been and makes a great gift!

cork globe to track where you've traveled

As if your bucket list isn’t already long enough, this book has 1000 more adventures to add 😉

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

Travel Accessories Gift Ideas

Weekender Bag

A nice, quality weekender bag is always a great gift idea for any traveler! There are tons of great options out there:

While these travel mugs with cute sayings do make great gifts, for travelers, it’s more practical to get one that is leakproof

leakproof travel mug contigo

Travel pillows make long flights and car rides so much better, which is why hey make a great gift! There are so many different kinds of travel pillows out there, which one is best all depends on your preference:

I really like this one because it’s small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on (I never check my jewelry), yet still will hold a good amount of jewelry and is organized really well!

travel jewelry case Gift Ideas

If you think your traveler will need a bigger one, this is the next size up!

Sleep easier while traveling with a silk eye mask!

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

Keep the rest of your clothes safe from your shoes with a travel shoe bag!

gifts for women travelers Travel Shoe Bags

Always know which suitcase is your with a fun, colorful luggage tag! You can also get customized ones on Etsy!

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

PacSafe Backpack

This company makes the best travel bags! All the safety features are out of this world. Even in the middle of Southeast Asia, I felt totally safe with all my camera gear in this backpack (if that one is unavailable, this one is very similar).

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

Tech Travel Gift Ideas

These noise canceling headphones are the best gift you can give a traveler!! They cut down noise on planes SO much. They are pricey, but 100% worth it. Bose also makes earbuds for someone who prefer those over traditional headphones.

I personally use Bose, but Sony’s headphones have really good reviews as well.

gifts for travelers - bose noise canceling headphones

This compact camera prints out great quality photos, and comes in a bunch of fun colors! I personally have the Fujifilm in my camera gear and love it!

polaroid camera for travelers

Travel Beauty + Toiletries Gift Ideas

Help your traveler ditch the ziplock baggies and get one of these TSA approved carry-on toiletry bags instead.

TSA approved toiletries bag for travel

When you’re only bringing a carry-on, every little bit of space counts! This mini straightening iron is powerful, yet still space-conscious!

21 Gift Ideas for Female Travelers | Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

These toiletry pods are awesome for saving space when it comes to toiletries!

travel size toiletry pods

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