1-Hour Treadmill Workout That Burns 700 Calories WITHOUT Running

How do you burn 700 calories on treadmill WITHOUT running? Two words: high inclines! This is the exact treadmill workout that burns 700 calories in an hour — without ever running or going over a 3.8 speed:

1-Hour Incline Treadmill Workout That Burns 700 Calories

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1 hour treadmill workout

This is a great cardio workout on the treadmill! For me, interval training makes the workout go by faster and is more fun too. Plus, interval training is said to help burn more calories and is great for your heart health!

I shared my workout on Instagram, and have had SO many people DM me saying they’ve tried it and loved it, these are just a few:

I’ve gotten some questions about the treadmill workout, so I figured I’d answer them here:

Do you hold on to the bar? Yes, I typically do hold on some, but not a death grip! You would get a harder workout not holding on, but it is TOUGH and I personally need it for balance.

How do you calculate calories? I base my calories burned solely off the estimate that the treadmill gives, I don’t put in my weight or anything like that, so it truly is an estimate. I am not counting calories and it’s encouraging to see that number, so that is enough for me! A friend DM-ed me saying that she tracks it on her Apple Watch and it’s typically pretty close!

How do you get the motivation to get up and workout so early? For me, I focus on how I feel after: accomplished, happier, ready for the day! I also look forward to reading during my workouts and have a pretty awesome workout playlist! Also caffeine 😉

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How can I get more out of my workout? I use a Sweat Band + Sweat cream around my waist. It makes you sweat SO MUCH and makes me feel like I’m getting an even better workout!

Sweet Sweat for Working Out

Got more questions? Feel free to DM me! I also try to answer all the ones I get and save them in my fitness IG highlight.

How to Burn Over 700 Calories WITHOUT Running
How to Burn over 700 Calories on the treadmill WITHOUT Running
1-Hour Treadmill Workout That Burns 700 Calories​ WITHOUT Running