Croatia Packing List for Women – Custom Printable Checklist

Planning a week trip to Croatia? I’ve included everything you need to bring on this Croatia Packing List for Women. 

PS – At the end of this post I’ve linked to my packing list doc that you can customize and print for yourself!

Croatia Packing List for Women: Customizable + Printable Checklist

Croatia Packing List for Women

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Croatia Packing List: Clothes + Shoes

5 – 6 Dresses: I love wearing dresses on trips because they’re easy to pack and always look nice!  See my list of favorite summer dresses on Amazon here

3 – 4 Tops: I recommend packing a couple of T-shirts and nice shirts. 

2 – 3 Swimsuits: Plan to use your swimsuit a lot in Croatia! I usually bring two bikinis and a one-piece. Linked my favorite swimsuits here.

1 – 2 cover-ups: bring a couple of cove-ups for post swimming or beach!

2 – 3 pairs of shorts: I would bring 1 pair of jean shorts and a pair or two of athletic shorts depending on your preference! 

1 pair of jeans: I usually bring 1 pair of jeans just in case!

Bras + Underwear + Socks: Don’t forget these essentials! For bras, I always bring 1 or 2 regular ones and a strapless too.

Pajamas: I recommend lightweight Pajamas for Croatia.

Shoes: I Definitely bring a pair of sandals for beach days! You’ll also need some tennis shoes or comfy walking shoes to wear while exploring. And lastly, I always bring a pair of wedges or nice sandals for dinner. Need some new wedges or sandals? Check out my list of favorites here.

Hats: I never travel without a hat, not only does it protect you from the sun but it also covers up travel hair 😉 

Beach/Day Bag: You will likely take a couple of day trips while in Croatia, so it’s important to have a day bag or beach bag you can bring on excursions! 

Sunglasses: It’s sunny in Croatia, make sure you pack some sunglasses! 

Croatia Packing List: Toiletries

Be sure to include these toiletries and beauty products on your Croatia Packing List:

    • Make-up
    • Razor
    • Toothbrush + paste
    • Perfume or body spray 
    • Deodorant
    • Face cleanser + lotion
    • Hair
      • Hairbrush (Wet Brush is the BEST)
      • Bobby pins + scrunchy
      • Curling Iron/straightener
      • Blowdryer (check if hotel has one)
      • Shampoo + conditioner
      • Hairspray
      • Leave-in conditioner (this is my fave)
      • Dry shampoo
    • Chapstick (O’Keeffee’s is the best and it’s cheap!)
    • Sunscreen
    • Tweezers 
    • Meds/First Aid
      • Prescriptions
      • Advil
      • Imodium
      • Antacid
      • Motion Sickness (if you plan on doing a sailing tour.. which you should)
      • Eye drops
    • Tampons
    • Bug spray (Wondercide is my favorite natural option)

Linked my favorite products here:

Other Things to Pack for Croatia

Obviously, you need to pack the basics like your passport, IDs, money, and any other documents (I always suggest making copies). But here are some other suggestions on what you might need to include on your Croatia Packing List:

European Outlet Adapter – If you’re traveling from outside the EU, make sure you have a plug adapter so you can use the plugs in Croatia! Or get a universal adapter that you can use all over the world.

Camera – Croatia is beautiful and you’re going to want to take a lot of photos! Whether you use your phone, a GoPro, or a DSLR camera, make sure you’re ready to capture some insane photos. 

Waterproof Phone Case – Most phones are waterproof nowadays, but I like to be extra cautious and use a waterproof case! They are relatively cheap on Amazon and worth it. I used one to capture this video snorkeling on an old shipwreck in Croatia.

Water bottle – save money while traveling by bringing a reusable water bottle with you! Get one that is vacuum-sealed to keep your drink cold all day: 

Noise-Canceling Headphones – I absolutely swear by noise-canceling headphones, they will change your life when flying!

Other things to consider packing:

Custom + Printable Croatia Packing Checklist for Women

As mentioned earlier, here is a link to my packing checklist Google doc! Follow the instruction to copy the document and then you can edit and customize for yourself! 

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