MSC Cruise Packing List

From toiletries and sunblock to travel documents and clothing items, this blog post will help ensure that when it comes time to set sail, all necessary items are already accounted for! In this MSC Cruise Packing List post, I’ll give you an extensive yet complete packing list of what you need to bring plus I’ve linked a printable checklist that you can customize at the end of the post!

What to Pack for an MSC Cruise + Printable Packing List

MSC Cruise Packing List

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MSC Cruise Essentials: Must-Haves to Pack

These are my top cruise essentials that you MUST HAVE when taking a cruise. Trust me, you will regret not bringing them!

Passport, ID, Documents – Obviously, you’re going to need all necessary IDs and documents. I always always always recommend making a copy of these items and keeping it in your luggage.

Seasick Prevention – better safe than sorry with this one! I don’t typically get seasick, but I always pack some meds just in case. If you don’t want to take meds, try using a patch or bracelet instead — this patch has 4.5 stars and over 12,000 reviews on Amazon!

Magnetic Hooks – Fun fact, cruise ship walls are totally magnetic!! This is one of my favorite cruise hacks, bring magnetic hooks to hang things in your stateroom. This can help you save space and keep your room organized. 

Towel Clips – It can be super windy on deck, so towel clips will be your best friend! They keep your towel from blowing all over the place — trust me they’re a game changer and super cheap. I would recommend 4 for each person to hold down all corners of the towel.

Extension Cords – Plugs are limited in cruise staterooms, so avoid fighting over charging rights and get an extension cord with multiple plugs! BUT it MUST be cruise ship approved, meaning it doesn’t have a surge protector. These are all safe to bring: 

Portable Fan – It gets hot on deck and during excursions, bring along this  portable fan

Water Bottle – Stay hydrated on board! Bring a reusable water bottle to refill instead of having to buy plastic water bottles each time.

MSC Cruise Packing List: Clothes for Women

Dresses – I personally love wearing dresses when traveling, they’re flowy and easy and can be dressed up or down. Check if you have a formal night and pack accordingly.

Tops – As far as tops go, I recommend a couple t-shirts, tanks, and maybe a couple of nice tops if you prefer those to dresses. 

Bottoms – You’ll definitely want some shorts to wear with t-shirts or over a swimsuit. Also, depending on your style and destination, consider if you’ll need these bottoms as well: jeans, pants, skirts, etc.

Bras, Underwear, Socks – be sure to pack plenty of these! Look at what activities you’ll be doing in order to plan how many of each you’ll need.

Swimsuit – I recommend packing at least 2 swimsuits (I usually bring 3-4). I hate putting on a wet swimsuit, so if you have 2, you can wear one while the other dries. These are some of my favorite swimsuits on Amazon

Swimsuit Cover-up – Coverups are perfect for walking around the deck or popping from the pool to lunch! Here are some of my favorites

Sunhat – a sunhat is a must-have to block out the sun up on the cruise deck.

Pool/Beach Bag – you will definitely want a pool bag/beach tote on a cruise to help you carry your towel, towel clips, sunscreen, book (or kindle) etc! I loveee these custom ones from Etsy too!

Pro-tip: this hat clip attaches to your bag and makes it easy to tote around your hat!

Sunglasses – I usually bring two pairs of sunglasses just in case I lose one.

Shoes – depending on the activities planned, I’ll pack tennis shoes, flip flops/beach shoes, and a pair of nicer wedges. Here’s a link to some of my favorites

MSC Cruise Packing List: Clothes for Men

Tops – Cruises typically go to warm places, so breezy button downs or linen tops are best

Bottoms – most guys on cruises wear shorts, but it can’t hurt to bring a pair of nice pants or jeans too just in case

Underwear, Socks, Etc – Plan how many of each you’ll need by considering how many days you’ll be gone and the type of activities you’ll be doing

Swimsuits – I always recommend bringing at least two swimsuits, that way you’ll have an extra in case one is still drying. 

Beach bag/day pack – bring a beach backpack or dry bag on a cruise to help you carry your towel, towel clips, sunscreen, book (or kindle) etc!

Shoes – depending on what you have planned, I recommend packing tennis shoes, flip flops/beach shoes, and a pair of nicer shoes just in case.

Sunglasses – probably a good idea to bring two pairs in case you lose one!

Hat – help protect your face from a sunburn by packing a hat!

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MSC Cruise Toiletries Packing List

Here’s a list of toiletries you’ll need to pack for an MSC Cruise. Of course edit to what you need personally, you can do that on the checklist. 

Hair Products – pack all the necessary hair products you’ll need, like shampoo, conditioner, brush (this one is great for tangles), comb, dry shampoo, hairspray, blow dryer, other styling tools, hair ties, bobby pins etc. Linked some of my favorite products below:

Pro Tip: I recommend bringing your own hairdryer if you can, the ones on board usually aren’t the best.

Skincare Products – make-up, lotion, cleanser, toner, tweezers, etc.

Oral Care – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash

Deodorant – it gets hot on deck, no one wants to be stinky 😉

Perfume/Cologne – the travel size and roll-on ones are super convenient for cruises

Sunscreen – You’re definitely going to want to pack PLENTY of sunscreen for an MSC Cruise! I like to use a spray on one for my body and one specifically for faces.  And in case you do burn, definitely bring along some aloe vera. Here are some that I personally recommend:

Lip Balm – protect your lips with a hydrating lip balm and get one with an SPF too!

Medications – Pack typical medications you might need, like Advil, stomach meds, vitamins, and of course, and prescription meds.

What Else to Pack for a MSC Cruise

Here are a couple more things you’ll need or may want to consider packing:

  • Waterproof Phone Case Most phones are water resistant these days, but better safe than sorry
  • Speaker – great for playing music in your room or when chilling out on the balcony. This Bose one is small, waterproof, and plays amazing sound – it’s what I use.
  • Books or a Kindle – I always bring my kindle for reading on the deck
  • Snorkel gear – I personally love the ones that are full-face, they look dorky but they’re fantastic!
  • Camera gear – photographic your adventures, just don’t forget extra SD cards!
  • Lanyard – for carrying around your cruise card

MSC Cruise Printable Packing Checklist

Here is the customizable packing checklist as promised! Click on the list below (or this link) and it will open a Google Doc. Follow the directions on the first slide to make a copy and edit for yourself!

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