Lake Como Packing List: What to Wear in Lake Como in Summer

Wondering what to wear in Lake Como? I’ve got you covered! Here is my packing list + style guide for what to wear when visiting Lake Como in the summertime. At the end of the post, I link to my packing list google doc that you can customize and print for yourself!

What to Wear in Lake Como during Summer

Lake Como Packing List Dress

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Lake Como Packing List: Clothes + Shoes

Lake Como is definitely a “dressier” destination. The vibe is very classy and chic. Here’s what I recommend, but of course, pack what you want!

Dresses – Pretty, flowy sundresses are always a good call. They can work for both day and night! 

Two-piece set – Jumpsuits and two-piece sets are also a chic option for an Italian summer outfit!

Tops + Bottoms – if dresses aren’t your thing or if you just want to switch it up, a stylish top and bottoms work too. Personally, I would do a simple t-shirt paired with either chino or jean shorts or even a preppy tennis skirt

Sunhat – a must for summer when adventuring in Lake Como!

Purse – a classic leather crossbody bag is always in style and a great choice for travelers! Plus it can be easily dressed down or up for day to night.

Swimsuit – pack your cutest swimsuit for a yacht day on Lake Como!

Swimsuit Cover-up – a white linen cover-up is always a classy option. Whatever you chose, make sure it’s chic!

Sneakers – plain white sneakers are all the rage in Europe, that’s literally all anyone wears, so I would definitely bring along a pair!

Sandals – Sandals look great with dresses and are a must for beach days or hanging on a boat. 

Heels – a heeled sandal is great for dressier days and at night

Sunglasses – sunnies can make a fabulous fashion statement, get some trendy ones to complete your look!

Other clothing essentials to bring to Lake Como:

    • Hair scarf
    • Underwear 
    • Bras 
    • Socks
    • Pajamas
    • Workout clothes (if needed)
    • Rain jacket (check the weather!)

Lake Como Packing List: Toiletries

Here is the list of toiletries and beauty products I recommend packing for a trip to Lake Como, obviously edit to your own needs:

Other Things to Pack

These are other items I recommend packing

Customizable + Printable Lake Como Packing Checklist

Here is my Lake Como packing list doc! Follow the directions on the first slide to make a copy so you can edit and customize it for yourself.

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