Bellagio, Lake Como Guide: Best Things to Do, See, and Eat

Located on the point between the two southern branches of Lake Como lies the magical village of Bellagio. Known as the “Pearl of Lake Como,” you know it must be something special! Picture cobblestone streets lined with pastel buildings and a backdrop of Lake Como. It’s a gorgeous spot to spend a weekend!

To make the most of your time in Bellagio, read below for the best things to do, see, and eat!

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Bellagio, Lake Como Weekend Guide: Best Things to Do, See and Eat

Bellagio on Lake Como

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How to Get to Bellagio, Lake Como

How to get to Bellagio Lake Como

Unlike most of Italy, Bellagio cannot be reached by train. However, you can make use of a TrenItalia rail pass to get to one of the ports where you can catch a boat to Bellagio.

Milan is the closest international airport with direct flights from the US, so it’s best to start there. Plus, after your Lake Como adventure, you can go to Alba, a fantastic little town known for its truffles!

From Milan Central train station, you can take a local train to either Varenna, Lecco, or Como. Varenna has ferries directly to Bellagio that take around 10-15 minutes. Lecco is the most scenic way to get to Bellagio on an hour and a half long ferry ride with beautiful views along the way. Como has hydrofoil boats that take 45 minutes to reach Bellagio, while their ferries take 2 hours. 

If you rented a car for an Italian road trip, the road to Bellagio is narrow, curvy, and uphill. Be ready for an adventurous ride! Once you’re there, a car isn’t necessary because the village is so small.

Top Things To Do in Bellagio, Lake Como

While most people only spend an afternoon in Bellagio on hectic day trip packages from Milan, there are so many wonderful things to do and places to see that it’s worth it to slow down and spend a weekend. Here are the best things to do in Bellagio:

Explore the Town of Bellagio

Bellagio is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so it’s a great spot to just walk around and take in the views. Walk along the quieter side streets and stop into any spot that catches your eye. There’s amazing shopping and delicious food in the shops and cafes that line the small streets!

Bellagio Lake Como

Because the lake is surrounded by mountains, be prepared for a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of stairs. It’s great–you get nice views while your legs get a serious workout!

Exploring Bellagio Lake Como

Walk Along the Promenade

For lake views, there’s no better place to head than the promenade along Bellagio’s waterfront. There are also exquisite gardens with flowers and plants for a lush coastline. Get a coffee to go and take in the beauty at your own pace.

Promenade in Bellagio Italy
Bellagio Promenade

Trombetta Express Train

If you want to sit back and relax, the Trombetta Express is the perfect way to do that and still see all of the best sights. It’s a 25-minute ride past the most famous attractions in Bellagio with panoramic views throughout.

You can ride it from start to finish to get a good idea of where everything is. Or you can request a stop to get out and explore until the next train comes around to pick you up!

Melzi Gardens

Who doesn’t love a good garden? With bright pops of colors, exotic plants, and little ponds everywhere, the Melzi Gardens is one of the most beautiful spots on the lake and should not be missed! A morning stroll is ideal.

Melzi Gardens in Bellagio

Then, pop by Lido di Bellagio for a post-walk drink! Read below for more info on this famously beautiful beach club!

Sunset Sail on the Lake

For an unforgettably romantic night, head out on a sunset sail or boat tour around Lake Como. Most tours are BYOB, so pick up your fave bottle of Italian wine and head for the open waters

Bellagio Yacht Experience offers private tours, so you can enjoy the experience with your private party. It also means you’re the captain (figuratively, of course) AKA you can choose where you want to go. Go for a sunset swim or sip on wine that’s included in the booking! You can also book during the daytime if you want to sunbathe!

Visit the Punta Spartivento

Punta Spartivento means “tip of the village” in Italian. In Bellagio, the Punta Spartivento is a jetty that juts out into the lake where locals moor their boats. It’s also where you can get the best views of the lake and surrounding mountains (aka the perfect photoshoot spot!).

Punta Spartivento Bellagio

It’s a short walk from the main part of the village, so it’s easy to include on your walk around town. You can also pack a picnic from a local shop for a romantic lunch lakeside!

Spend a Day at the Beach

Let’s be honest–a lake vacay is not complete without a beach day. Luckily, Lake Como has amazing beaches, both public and private. Here are some of the best ones:

Bellagio Beaches
Public Beaches Near Bellagio, Lake Como

If you want to take a dip, there are lots of public beaches close by that are free! You won’t get the same amenities as the private beach clubs, so make sure to pack beach chairs if you’re planning on staying a while. 

Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio
Despite sometimes being called the secret beach, the public beach of Bellagio is the go-to swimming spot for both locals and visitors. There is a bar with food and drinks available during the peak season, so no need to pack a picnic!

Punta Spartivento
There are small beaches dotted along the Punta Spartivento that are perfect for quick dips after a day of walking up and down the village. It’s a great spot for an afternoon swim!

San Giovanni Beach
San Giovanni is a cute pebble beach located in the San Giovanni neighborhood, only a 15-minute walk from the center of the village. Also, from June-August, you can find a bar that sells light refreshments like ice cream, drinks, and casual food.

Hidden Bellagio Beach
Bellagio beach is a gorgeous little beach hidden from the rest of the world, so it’s a great spot for people looking to get some peace and quiet. There are no amenities, so pick up some local treats in town before heading out. It’s the perfect beach for really hot summer days because the hills shade it from the sun from midday on!

You’ll have to drive and park or be dropped off where the path begins. It can be tricky to find, so it’s best to double-check with a local that you’re in the right spot. You do also have to walk down a pretty steep path, so make sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Private Beaches Near Bellagio, Lake Como

If you want to spend a full day relaxing lakeside, a private beach club is the way to go. For a pretty reasonable fee, you get access to their lounge chairs, umbrellas, and other amenities like full restaurants, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Here are the best private Bellagio beaches:

Lido di Bellagio
Perhaps the most famous beach club on Lake Como, Lido di Bellagio has everything you need for a good beach day. With 8 huge gazebos, 120 sun beds, and one of the only sand beaches on the lake, it’s spectacular. 

You can grab lunch at their lakefront bistro and post a few envy-inducing pics to your Instagram on their free WiFi. Stick around til 11pm and you can even dance the night away at their famous nightclub!

Lido di Cadenabbia
Get another view of the lake from Lido di Cadenabbia. Located just across a thin branch of the lake from Bellagio, it’s only a 30-minute ferry ride to paradise! 

You can catch some rays while taking in the views of the lake. Or take a dip in the lakeside pool! Once you’ve worked up an appetite, grab lunch and a drink at their restaurant–they’re most known for their delicious seafood! 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo
One of the most iconic hotels on Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is all about luxury. Take a short ferry ride, or book one of their private water taxis, to get to their real sand beach!

You’ll get to take in amazing views of Bellagio and the mountainous backdrop from their private sunbathers. Once the sun has heated you up, jump into their floating pool for the ultimate refreshing dip. You can grab lunch and dinner at their Giacomo al Lago restaurant. Make sure to try the fish!

Need a chic swimsuit for your trip? These Amazon finds are perfect:

Take a Short Walk to Pescallo Village

If you want to stretch your legs a bit more, you have to visit Pescallo Village. It’s an old fishing village only a ten minute walk from Bellagio’s town hall. There are a lot of steps, but it’s totally worth it!

Pescallo Village Bellagio Lake Como

Once you’re there, you can take in the views and explore the little village. It’s most known for the wide variety of watersports, so hop on a kayak or test your water skiing skills!

Explore Villas near Lake Como

Lake Como is all about the villas! Walk through the gardens or get some decor inspo for your Italian villa (hey, a girl can dream)! 

Villa del Balbianello
This gorgeous villa is straight from a movie scene…literally! Star Wars, Casino Royale, and A Month by the Lake all chose this stunning home to film. The previous owner was the first Italian to climb Everest, so there are lots of cool mementos from his travels. Plus, gardens and a lakefront walk will keep you busy for hours!

Villa del Balbianello

Villa Carlotta
Villa Carlotta isn’t just a fabulous villa, it’s also an art museum with pieces by some of Italy’s most influential artists. It has an incredible history including being taken over by a wealthy German family during WWI. During your visit, you can learn more about the history of the Lake Como region or simply delight in the lush gardens!

Villa Carlotta

Villa Serbelloni
This villa was originally built in the 15th century and is now a luxury hotel. Unfortunately, if you’re not a guest, you cannot enter the villa, but walking the 50 acres of botanical gardens and parks will more than makeup for it. It’s right on the lake, so you can take in the water views as you walk through the romantic gardens. Photo below from Facebook.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Villa Cassinella
Right next door to Villa del Balbianello and with 30,000 square meters of garden, Villa Cassinella is all about luxury. The house is just steps from the crystal clear waters of Lake Como, so it’s an ideal spot to spend a day taking in the beauty of the area. It’s not open to the public, but you can rent it for a casual $138,000 USD per week! 

Villa Cassinella

Explore the other towns around Lake Como:

Bellagio might be the Pearl of Lake Como, but there’s tons of other charming little villages dotted along its shores. For a fun day trip, check out:

Right on the Italian-Swiss border, this gorgeous small city is more bustling than Bellagio. Eat out at one of their many fine dining restaurants or tour the historic town! Don’t miss shopping at their outdoor market for some incredible vintage finds!

City of Como

Located on the southern shores of Lake Como, Lecco is a gorgeous spot to catch the ferry to Bellagio. Spend a morning or afternoon taking the cable car up to Piano d’Erna for breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. You can hike around on one of the many trails to make the most of the trip up!

Lecco Italy

Because Varenna is an easy spot to catch a boat to Bellagio, it’s a great little village to explore on the way! It’s quiet, but the Piazza San Giorgio and Riva Grande waterfront are worth a visit. You can also tour the old monastery, Villa Monastero, to better understand the history of Lake Como.

Varenna Lake Como

One of the most picturesque spots on Lake Como is Nesso, which is split in half by a natural gorge that feeds the lake. It’s all about a slow-paced life, so come with a book to grab some you-time in this tranquil spot.

City of Nesso

If you’re visiting the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for a beach day, take some time to explore the nearby village of Tremezzina! It’s also where Villa Carlotta is located, so you can fit a lot into one day trip. The village was formed when the independent communities of Lenno, Mezzegra, Ossuccio, and Tremezzo all merged together, so there’s a unique mesh of culture.

City of Tremezzina

Where to Eat in Bellagio, Lake Como

Where to Stay in Bellagio, Lake Como

Best Bellagio Airbnbs

We stayed in Casa Ketty in Bellagio, and just look at this incredible view (below)!! It also had a garage/parking spot. It was a bit of a walk from the center of Bellagio so be prepared for lots of stairs, but I would still recommend it!

Here are some other beautiful homes for rent:

Casa Ketty Bellagio Airbnb

Bellagio Lake Como Hotels

If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, try one of these 5-star hotels in Bellagio:

Hotels in Bellagio

That’s the best of the best of the beautiful village of Bellagio. From gorgeous gardens to luxury beach clubs, tranquil waterfronts to world-class shopping, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Bellagio! 

No matter how much time you spend in Bellagio, it’ll be an unforgettable trip thanks to the unparalleled views! Have a question? Leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram

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