13 Best Beach Hacks For Summer

Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Well, it can be, if you make use of these incredible beach hacks for summer! From boozy beach beverages you can whip up in no time, to creative solutions for stashing your stuff while you’re swimming in the surf, read on for my 13 best beach hacks for summer.

13 Beach Hacks You Need This Summer

best beach hacks for summer

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1. Create a sand-free lounge space.

This beach hack is so cool and I think it’ll be popping up all over the place this summer! To create your very own sand-free lounge space, all you need is a fitted sheet. When you get to the beach, unfold the fitted sheet upside down, and place a heavy object in each corner of the sheet. And ta-da! You’ve got a four-walled sanctuary from all that annoying sand.

Use an old fitted sheet or get a super cheap one on Amazon.

2. Invest in a Beach Day tent or Shelter

When you spend all day at the beach, I promise you’re going to want some shade! A tent or beach shelter is definitely worth the investment – most are under $100

3. Creatively stash your valuables - Safety Beach Hacks

Nothing ruins a good beach day like spending the whole time worrying that your valuables are going to be stolen. For times when you want to just wander down the shore without a care in the world or swim in the ocean without fretting about someone taking your purse, you need to stash your valuables with a little creativity.

Check out these insanely creative stash cans you can get on Amazon:

4. Use a net or mesh bag to say bye-bye to sand.

Nothing is worse than getting home from the beach and finding sand in your bag for months to come. Nix this problem from the get-go by using a net or mesh tote bag at the beach.

When you’re packing up for the day, simply give your bag a good shake and all that sand will come right off and stay at the beach, where it belongs.

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5. Freeze your drinks beforehand.

There’s no need to schlep a bunch of heavy ice to the beach if some of your beverages are already frozen! I like to freeze a few bottles of water the night before, and just pop them in amongst the other drinks in my cooler. The water will slowly melt throughout the day, keeping your cooler cold and serving as the perfect chilly thing to drink just before you head home. 

6. Bury your cooler in the sand.

Insulation is a cooler’s best friend, and by burying your cooler you’re insulating it even more. When you first get to the beach, dig out a space in the sand just big enough for your cooler. It’s important that the hole is nearly the same size as your cooler.

For bonus points, make sure your beach umbrella keeps that cooler in the shade. This beach hack is great for extending the time your cooler is nice and well, cool. 

7. Booze up your favorite childhood beach drink - Boozy Beach Hacks

If you loved Capri Suns as a kid, you’ll love this beach hack. Next time you’re headed to the beach, whip up some boozy adult capri suns in plastic pouches the night before. With fresh slices of citrus and a healthy dose of vodka, these pouches are one of my favorite things to drink on the beach!

8. Walk upwind for space from other beachgoers.

This tip works best for beaches with only one or very few entrances. If you find yourself at a crowded beach and you don’t know how to find enough space to set up camp, try walking upwind. Most beachgoers will subconsciously turn and walk with the wind when trying to find a spot to claim as their own, so you just need to do the opposite.

9. Set a sunscreen alarm.

Not to sound too much like your mom, but you really do need to reapply sunscreen every two hours—especially if you swim or sweat in between. The best way to make sure you’re reapplying is by setting a sunscreen alarm.

When you first apply in the morning, set an alarm for two hours later, and reset it with each reapplication. Trust me, this tip will be a lifesaver if you wind up a little forgetful because of those adult Capri Suns!

10. Wear a waterproof fanny pack.

If stashing your valuables in something unassuming still makes you nervous, I’ll do you one better: tote your most important stuff around in a waterproof fanny pack. Fanny packs are fully back in style and here to stay, and you can find super affordable waterproof varieties online.

The engineering is simple: most just have three super-secure ziplocks along the top edge to ensure not a drop of water gets in, even while you’re doing underwater flips!

11. Lighten your hair the old school way.

If you grew up in the 90’s, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. Yup—the old lemon juice hair trick! Channel your younger self by bringing some fresh lemon juice (or I use Sun-in) to the beach. 

best beach hacks for summer - lemon juice highlights

Spray it into your hair before laying out in the sun and enjoy natural-looking highlights for the rest of summer.

12. Remove stubborn sand with baby powder - Sand Beach Hacks

Get rid of all that stubborn sand that stays stuck to your feet by toting along some baby powder. Before hopping in the car, simply sprinkle some powder on your feet and calves (I recommend using a sand brush or mitt too). The sticky sand will dry right up and fall off with ease!

13. Soothe burns with aloe vera cubes.

Even if you remember to reapply often, sun burns can still happen. Ease the pain with some homemade aloe vera ice cubes. All you have to do is squeeze aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and let set the night before you head to the beach. The icy coolness will help soothe your sunburn a little extra!

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