Fake Engagement Rings for Travel

If you’re anything like me, the moment you get your engagement ring you NEVER want to take it off!  But there are some risks that come with traveling with your engagement or wedding ring… It would be devastating to lose it or have it get stolen. But good news! You can still rock a beautiful ring without worrying about it getting lost or stolen with these affordable fake engagement rings for travel:

Best Fake Engagement + Wedding Rings for Traveling

Best Fake Engagement Rings for Travel

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Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Round Diamond

One of the most classic diamond shapes, round diamonds are beautiful! Here are some great round diamond dupes – they all come in different metal colors and most are under $30.

Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Princess Cut

Princess cut diamond rings are another very popular shape! Because of that, there are tons of convincingly real-looking dupes out there. Whether you want a simple band, pave, or a halo, Amazon’s got something for you!

Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Oval Diamond​

Oval engagement rings are the prettiest… but I’m biased 😉 These fake diamond oval engagement rings for traveling are still beautiful and come in many different styles, options, and carat weights! Check out even more on this Amazon list + Etsy List

Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Cushion Cut

If you’re a cushion-cut kind of gal, check any of the rings below would be a gorgeous dupe for traveling! I personally like the classic single stone with the pave band (plus its under $40).

Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Emerald Diamond

Another classic diamond shape, there are some beautiful emerald diamond dupes on Amazon – and most are under $40

Engagement/Wedding Ring Dupe: Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped diamonds are growing increasingly popular! Check out these options from Amazon:

Fake Engagement Rings for Travel: Multi Stone

Have a multiple stone engagement ring? Not to worry! There are tons of great multi-stone fake engagement ring options for traveling out there!

Engagement + Wedding Ring Sets for Travel

If you want to wear a wedding ring and engagement ring, considering getting a stacked set! There are tons available out there and they’re shockingly affordable — most under $50! I’ve linked them all on Amazon and Etsy

Of course, you can always mix and match the bands and engagement rings I’ve linked throughout this post.

Fake Wedding Ring: Simple Diamond Band

If you want to keep a low profile and leave the engagement ring at home, consider a “diamond” band. The ones linked below (just click the photo) are all under $25 and come in multiple metal colors!

Wedding Ring Dupe: Simple Metal Band

Prefer something more simple? Opt for a classic metal wedding band instead!

Unique Wedding Ring Dupes for Travel

Traveling might be the perfect excuse to try out a fun, unique wedding ring! It might not be something you would wear normally, but hey, it’s fun!

Men's Wedding Ring Dupes for Travel

Can’t forget about the men! Here are some inexpensive metal wedding band options that are great for traveling:

Silicon Wedding Rings for Travel

If you want to go even more low-key, consider getting a silicone ring instead! They’re super inexpensive, come in lots of different colors, and often come in packs so you can switch it up! 

There are also plenty of silicone rings for women too:

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Be sure to check out this list on Amazon + this list on Etsy, I’ve added all of these Fake Engagement Rings for Travel listed here plus a ton more (over 150 rings)!

I hope this post helps you find a great Fake Engagement Rings for Travel! If you get one, I’d love to see — tag me on Instagram

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