Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

You’re getting married, congrats!! Now comes the important decision of choosing bridesmaids. These girls will be with you through the entire wedding planning process and on the big day. Let them know you appreciate them by asking them to be bridesmaids in a special way! Here are a TON of Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas (the exact items I included in mine are linked at the end of the post):

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas - my box

Everything in this post plus hundreds of other curated items and ideas are saved on these lists:

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DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

There are tons of great boxes out there, from premade to custom! I used this box for my proposals. Here are some other great options:

Don’t forget to add something in the bottom for padding/decor, I used crinkle paper!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas: What to Include

Custom Wine Tumbler/Cup – I got custom cups made for my bridesmaids! I ordered mine on Etsy, there are so many cute options (click photo for link). I included more of my favorites on this Etsy list

PS – I do NOT recommend the shop I used, he was a week late delivering them and three were messed up and not the proper font. I didn’t link any of his products but will put the shop link here just so you know NOT to order from him. 

Amazon also has tumbler’s that say Bridesmaid or Bride tribe if you need something quicker than a custom cup (they can take a couple weeks to make)!

Custom Jewelry – A custom necklace or other piece of jewelry is another great idea for a bridesmaid proposal box! This necklace would be great for a long-distance friend.  

“Tie the Knot” Jewelry – I love these tie the knot jewelry ideas because they’re pretty subtle so you can wear them in normal everyday life.

Jewelry Box – A custom jewelry box is a popular bridesmaid proposal box addition, especially when giving jewelry too!

Hair Ties/Scrunchies – I included these cute “tie the knot” scrunchies in my proposal boxes! They’re a cute, affordable, and useful addition.

Makeup Bags – Make up bags are a classic item for a bridesmaid proposal!

Champagne labels – I bought cute mini champagne bottle labels to personalize my bridesmaid proposal box a little more! See more options on this list.

Here are some other items I’ve seen included in bridesmaid proposal boxes:

Bridesmaid Proposal Sets

Don’t want to buy everything separately? There are tons of bridesmaid proposal gift packs – just make sure it comes with enough for each girl person!

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Truth be told, I forgot to include a card… oops! But it’s a nice addition to write your future bridesmaid a heartfelt note.

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Pre-made Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

Not sure what you want to include? Maybe opt for a pre-made bridesmaid proposal box instead. Some even allow you to customize with names! Here are some great options from Amazon

Etsy also has a lot of great pre-made bridesmaid proposal boxes to choose from – and most of them you can customize! Click the photo below or click here for a saved list of even more boxes!

My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Below is the exact box I used to “propose” to my bridesmaids! I’ve included most of the items in this post already, but will link each directly here:

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas - my box

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  1. Thanks for sharing some amazing tricks. I was successful in making my wedding proposal for my girlfriend. Oh Yes!!. She said YES.. Your Tips are just super cool.

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