13 Staycation Ideas for Couples Who Miss Traveling

Staycation Ideas for Couples Who Miss Traveling

I miss traveling so much, and I know I’m not the only one! With COVID-19 keeping us socially distant and at home more than ever these days, it’s important to find ways to have fun and keep our spirit of adventure alive. If you and your S.O. are looking for ways to indulge in travel safely during COVID, consider a staycation! Here are the top 13 staycation ideas for couples, organized by category:

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Top Staycation Ideas for couples at Home

These are the best staycation ideas during quarantine, because they don’t require you to leave your house to have a good time!

1. Convert your home into a fancy hotel

Why book a hotel when you can create a five-star atmosphere right at home? Treat yourself to some new fluffy towels or upgrade your bedding and be sure to have a full breakfast spread in bed (this is the tray I use). 

Breakfast in bed - Staycation ideas for couples

Maybe even take turns playing the role of “room service,” bringing treats and fun drinks to one another while you lounge. For more ideas, check out my post on how to make your home feel like a five-star hotel!

2. Take a virtual tour

Online, the world is your oyster. Many museums, cities, and outdoor destinations are offering virtual tours during the pandemic. You can keep this extra simple, with options like Window Swap, which lets you see views from different people’s windows around the world. Or, check out some world-class art while skipping the lines and the crowds.

3. Go on a backyard adventure

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. For your next staycation, pitch a tent (this 2 person tent comes highly rated) in your backyard or cowboy camp by laying out blankets and pillows directly under the stars.

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Backyard Camping Staycation ideas for couples

Enjoy the local flora and fauna while lighting a fire, roasting some marshmallows (use this s’mores kit if you don’t have a fire), and telling ghost stories before bed.

Best Staycation Ideas for Couples with a Touch of Luxury

Got a little extra travel money to spend, or just want to treat yourself? Check out these staycation ideas for couples who like a bit of luxury.

4. Get some R&R with an at-home spa day

Nothing melts stress away better than getting a pedicure, a facial, and a long massage. Bring a little R&R magic into your home with an at-home spa day. 

At home spa - staycation ideas for couples

Some home spa staycation ideas for couples specifically: partner massages, soaking in the tub together (add some bath salts, bubble bath, or a bath bomb), and maybe even making DIY face masks.

5. Rent a unique Airbnb

You can have a lot more fun on Airbnb when planning a staycation—you already know the area super well, and your intention is to enjoy the rental over anything else. It’s a great opportunity to find some really funky Airbnb’s (like these ones in Austin) in your area. Glamping in a yurt or a converted school bus? Count me in!

Green Acres Yurt

6. Splurge on a fancy local hotel

Chances are you haven’t spent any money on travel in a while since the pandemic started, so why not really live it up by splurging on an upscale hotel in your area? You can even scour booking sites for last-minute deals since you’ll be staying locally and can probably be more flexible with your booking dates. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a little five-star treatment!

Best Staycation Ideas for Couples in the Outdoors

Sick of sitting inside and looking to get some fresh air on your staycation? Check out these fun staycation ideas for outdoorsy types.

7. Take a hike

Expand beyond backyard camping and see what outdoor scenery you can enjoy in your local area. If you live by a national park, take a day trip to check it out. State parks, national forests, and local reservoirs all make fabulous hiking destinations as well. For some of the best hikes in your area, check out the AllTrails app.

8. Go on a picnic

This is one of my favorite staycation ideas for couples! Pack a picnic basket (this picnic kit/basket from Amazon is perfect) with all your favorite treats and something fun to drink. I love bringing charcuterie goodies, tea, and a bottle of wine. 

Staycation ideas for couples - picnic in the park

Set up in a local park, or even in your own backyard or apartment balcony. Don’t forget a picnic blanket!

9. Become a tourist in your own city

No matter where you live, chances are there’s so much you don’t know about your own area. So why not take this chance to become a tourist in your own city? Grab a guidebook for your area and take a self-guided tour to check out spots you haven’t seen or noticed yet. You might be surprised to realize how much you don’t know about the place you call home!

Or check out Viator for a fun tour!

10. Take a day trip

If you can, try to explore a little further outside of your comfort zone on your next staycation. The best way to do this? A road trip, of course! Pack all your road trip essentials, then hit the road to explore nearby destinations like a famous historical site, a wacky tourist spot, or a quaint town off the beaten path. Even going a few minutes down the road can be relaxing and revitalizing for your next staycation.

Out of the Box Staycation Ideas for Couples

Looking for something a little more creative? Trust me, you haven’t heard of these fun staycation ideas!

11. Recreate a favorite vacation

While you may not be able to jet off to Europe or backpack through Southeast Asia any time soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of magic from vacations’ past into your staycation. Think back to your favorite trips and see what you can recreate by engaging the five senses.


Honeymoon in Mexico? Make margaritas and tacos while dancing to some salsa music. Missing fall in Paris? Throw on your most fashion-forward duds (beret is a must, of course) and watch Amelie or Emily in Paris to indulge in the scenery.

Scent is one of the strongest memory triggers. Light a new candle (HomeSick makes candles inspired by states and cities) with a smell that reminds you of your trip and go through old photos and videos from your trip!

12. Indulge in food from around the world

Why limit yourself to one staycation destination when you can explore the world through all its various flavors and cultures? Plan a weekly menu that takes you and your partner through different cuisines or try a “taste of” box from your favorite company:

Experiment with recreating favorites from destinations you’ve already explored, or try your hand at something new with these kits:

13. Host a travel movie marathon

Experience the world over as a couple by putting together your very own travel movie marathon. Here’s my list of 41 best travel movies that inspire wanderlust. You can choose your watch list based on destination, film genre, or if you’re feeling extra determined—why not try to make your way through all 41?!

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Staycation Ideas for Couples - Travel Movie Marathon

Take your movie marathon up a notch with this super cool movie projector — it has 4.5 stars from over 26,000 reviews! 

I hope this gives you some fun staycation ideas for your next (home) vacation. You’ll have to tell me, which idea is your favorite? Have you tried any of these staycation ideas before? Drop a comment below, or DM me on Instagram!

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