Whale Watching in British Columbia, Canada

As you have read in my last couple of posts, my trip to see my aunt up in Washington State was one of my favorites ever! Between exploring SeattleOlympic National Park, and the amazing Pacific beaches, I couldn’t help but get some really amazing photos. Our last leg of the trip, we decided to take a ferry up to Canada and go whale watching in British Columbia — both firsts for me!

Whale Watching in British Columbia, Canada

As soon as we pulled into the harbor in Victoria, I was in love. It is absolutely beautiful!!

British Columbia harbor

I had to document my first step on Canadian ground!

first step in British Columbia, Canada
Victoria British Columbia

Whale Watching Tour in Victoria, BC

We soon boarded out whaleboat and headed out to Haro Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca — protected waters for whales. On the way out, we passed this beautiful lighthouse island with seals on it.

lighthouse Haro Strait
Whale Watching in British Columbia, Canada | One Chel of an Adventure

And then, off in the distance, we finally see the Orcas!! Legally, you can’t get too close to the whales, so some of my pictures are a bit far away, but still, an amazing sight to see! I have always loved these whales so to it was a dream to see them up close like this.

It can be pretty cold on the boat, so bring a jacket! They also give you some waterproof gear to help. If you’re worried, I recommend bringing a dry bag to keep your stuff in. It’ll protect it from getting wet.

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