How To Find The Most Instagrammable Places When Traveling

I get this question a lot: “How do you find cool places to take photos for Instagram while you’re traveling?” 

And the answer is I do a TON of research beforehand. While prepping for my Mexico trip, I had probably +100 photos saved as “inspiration” (and printed them out because I’m weird and OCD like that haha).

While you don’t have to go as overboard as I do, there are several easy ways to find awesome “Instagram Worthy” places to take pictures while traveling!


This is my go-to place for researching photo ops. A lot of time people will start by scrolling through a location tag, but I find that it’s way too broad. For example, I went to location “Austin, TX” and this is what first pops up:

Not only are those not helpful, the bottom middle one was a naked chick (not judging, you do you, girl). I suggest checking out major accounts of the destination you want to visit. For Austin, that would be accounts like these:

How To Find The Most Instagram Worthy Places While Traveling

Scroll through the photos and find some photos you like and click to see if there is a specific location tag. 

Take the example below, I liked the photo at “Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake” so I clicked that to scroll through the recent photos taken there.

From there, I’ll find a photo I like that looks like a blogger/photographer might have taken (looks high quality). In that grouping, I really liked this girl’s post, so I went to that photo, and then her profile to see if she has other pictures from around Austin — which she did! 

From there, I’d check out some of her other photos from that location. If that location is tagged, then I’d start the process all over again for that place! Liked a photo location > went to location tag > looked at more photos tagged there.

In this case, The Austin Motel is an actual place, so I’d then go to their main account and search through the photos they’ve posted and their tagged photos as well!


Pinterest is one of the biggest tools I use when planning travel of any kind! Not only is it great for finding itineraries and cool things to do, it can also be a great source for awesome Instagram worthy photo locations! 

Typically, just searching the location is way too broad. The results will likely be itineraries and articles like that. BUT, those itineraries might have some really good photos spots as well so it’s worth checking out sometimes.

How to FInd the Best Instagram worth photo spots while traveling

I usually search something like “Austin best instagrammable” and it will pops up with lots of great articles!

Searching “Austin, TX best photo spots” is a good one as well.

How to FInd the Best Instagram worth photo spots while traveling

From there, if you find a good article that an Austin based blogger wrote, check out his/her Instagram for more inspiration.


I mean, duh.

Google has ALL the info. But that’s part of the reason I didn’t list it first. Sometimes Google has too much info. Plus, with something that’s very visual, like where to take photos, I feel like Pinterest and Instagram are best.

Other Bloggers/Instagrammers

If you’re visiting a specific city, another way good way to find photos is to search for bloggers that call that city home. Typically they will have lots of great photos in cool places. 

You can either google “bloggers in Austin” or look up hashtags on Instagram like #austinblogger or #atxblogger (obviously sub Austin for wherever you’re going). 

Hope these tips helped! Check out my Instagram for more tips/photo inspo!



How to Find the Most Instagram Worthy Spots
How to find the most instagrammable places while traveling

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