Tempo Studio Review: Is it worth it?

Working out from home can be tough; it’s hard to know what to do, for how long, what’s the correct form, etc. And you have to make sure you have all the equipment! When Tempo reached out to me and offered to let me try their new Tempo Studio, a smart, at-home fitness machine, I jumped at the chance. I have been using Tempo Studio for two months now… is it worth it? Read on to find out and learn more about my Tempo Studio Review:

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What is Tempo Studio?

Tempo Studio is an at-home fitness machine that comes with quality equipment, hundreds of on-demand and live classes, and is one of the smartest home fitness devices on the market! It is as close to a real gym and personal trainer experience as you can get at home.

Tempo Studio Review: Technology

No joke, when I say Tempo is smart, I mean it! The technology that comes packed in this home gym solution is amazing.

Tempo's 3D Sensors Count Reps + Correct Form

Tempo Studio has 3D sensors that not only track your reps but can also make real-time corrections to your form! If your form is off, a notification will pop up on your screen alerting you with instructions on how to correct it. For me, I have a problem keeping my knees over my ankles during squats and lunges, so it’s helpful to have an alert when my form is off.

Tempo Studio Review - 3D sensors

Tempo will then alert you once you’ve fixed your form! I’m a weight lifting newbie, this has been incredibly helpful. I have always been intimidated to try weights in the gym, so Tempo has been the perfect solution for me!

In live classes, the coaches can see your form in real-time and give instant corrections (and shout-outs to keep you going). It’s about as close as you can get to having a personal trainer at home!

Tempo's AI Technology Gives Constant Feedback + Weight Recommendations

Tempo’s AI technology doesn’t just correct your form either. It will track your progress and class performance and recommend weights and reps. 

And don’t worry about privacy, Tempo’s sensors only see a skeleton rendering of your body and never captures or stores anything else about you or your home.

It Tracks Your Workout Performance

In addition to counting your reps, Tempo also tracks how much weight you lift over the course of an entire workout. Nothing is more eye-opening than seeing you lifted 3,400 pounds during a workout! Plus, with the heart rate monitor, you can see how many calories you burned too. 

Tempo Studio Review - tracks performance

It is WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled

Tempo requires an internet connection, but I have had no issues with connectivity (I do have Google Fiber though). Your heart rate monitor syncs with the device and keeps a constant display of your heart rate and what zone it’s in throughout the entirety of the workout. 

I love that you can also connect Bluetooth headphones to Tempo. That way, when I am working out early in the morning, it won’t wake anyone up with the noise!

Tempo has a 42" Touchscreen

Tempo’s entire 42-inch screen is a touchscreen, and while that won’t help with your workout or anything, it’s still super cool 😉 The entire interface is easy to use and navigate.

What’s Included with the Tempo Studio?

Unlike any other at-home fitness studio out there, Tempo comes with all the high-quality equipment you need!

Tempo Studio Equipment

The equipment that comes with Tempo is something you’d see in a high-end gym or fitness studio. It includes rubber-coated weight plates, two dumbbells, a barbell, weight collars, a heart rate monitor, a workout mat, and a recovery foam roller.

Equipment included with Tempo Fitness Studio

Tempo Studio Storage

All the equipment is stored nice and neatly in your Tempo cabinet! It takes up about as much room as a small shelf would (it’s 6 ft tall, 2.2 ft wide, and 1.4 ft deep) and honestly, it blends in and looks great in a room… unlike a giant workout bike 😉

Tempo Fitness Studio Review

Because it’s not mounted to a wall like some of its competitors, you have the freedom to move it around your home or room if you so choose. The machine itself is pretty heavy and it requires a lot of effort (we rearranged ours after it was delivered), but at least it’s not ripping it off a wall and drilling more holes!

Tempo’s white-glove delivery service delivered the machine to my door, unpacked it all, and set it up perfectly! I felt a lot more confident knowing it was set up correctly by professionals. When they were finished, they took the boxes and packing material with them too, it was so easy! I appreciate that they took extra care during these COVID times and wore a mask.

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Tempo Studio's On-Demand Classes

For me, I need the discipline of a class during my workouts. I like being told what to do and not having to worry about making up my own weight lifting routine (I would also have no idea where to start).

Types of Classes

Tempo Studio has hundreds of on-demand classes in their library, all taught by professional (and incredibly motivating) trainers. The classes range from beginner to advanced, so whether you’re interested in strength training, HIIT, mobility, cardio, or recovery, Tempo’s got a class for you! And they are constantly adding more every week!

All the workouts are set to an awesome playlist of current hits and remixes that you can choose at the start of each class.

Real-Time Leaderboard

During classes, Tempo tracks your reps and weights and awards you points for each one. It then shows your points on a scoreboard and ranks you in real-time on the leaderboard, which is super motivating! 

Tempo Trainers

At the time I am writing this, Tempo currently has six certified personal trainers all with their own style of coaching and training! I am currently in a 3-week workout program with Clarence, and he is wonderful!

Workout Programs

Speaking of a 3-week workout program, Tempo also has programs that are tailored to specific goals. For me, joining the 3-week introduction program has been great for getting to know the machine and learning the basics of weight training.

Tempo App

Traveling or not at home with your Tempo Studio? You can access tons of bodyweight-only classes on the Tempo app!

Tempo vs Competition (Tonal, Mirror, Peloton)

At-home gym solutions have become more and more prevalent, there are so many out there it’s hard to keep track! I have to include a breakdown of Tempo vs the other leading at-home gym machines in my Tempo Studio Review:

Tempo vs Mirror

Mirror is similar in look and idea to Tempo, but only uses bodyweight workouts. While bodyweight exercises are fine, you will get a much better workout and see quicker results when using weights. Mirror also can’t correct your form or give you any kind of feedback. Mirror does cost a little less than Tempo, but if you’re going to invest in a home gym system, I think Tempo is worth the upgrade.

Tempo vs Tonal

Again, similar in look and idea, Tonal uses resistance training but doesn’t come with any weights or extra equipment. You can get extra accessories, but it is an additional cost, and Tonal is already $1,000 more than Tempo. The monthly membership fee is more expensive as well. Tonal requires you to drill in and mount it to the wall, so there is no flexibility in moving or rearranging.

Tempo vs Peloton

Arguably the most well known/popular at-home gym machine, Peloton is a stationary bike. Costing a little more than Tempo, Peloton is strictly cardio and only has cycling (obviously). It does have an app that has tons of other classes, but they are mostly cardio and strength training and doesn’t come with any of the additional equipment.

How Much Does Tempo Studio Cost?

2021 UPDATE: Tempo now offers new pricing with bundle packages, learn more about that here.

Does Tempo Offers Financing?

Tempo does offer financing over 12, 24, or 26 months. Currently, they are offering $0 down, 0% APR and $55/month for 36 months to qualifying buyers — which is less than the average monthly gym membership fee!

Any other fees?

There is an additional monthly membership fee for unlimited access to live and on-demand classes, which is $39/month.

Tempo Studio Promo Code:

Tempo Cons

As much as I love my Tempo Studio, nothing is perfect and I want this to be a fair review. There are a few minor cons to Tempo:

Cost: As mentioned, Tempo is not cheap, however, I think it is absolutely worth the price. 

Can’t Customize Music: While I have enjoyed the music in the classes so far, you are not able to customize it to your own playlist (though you can now choose different stations of genres of music at the start of class, and you can also lower the volume without muting the coach and play your own music externally).

Can’t Customize/Adjust Workouts: I don’t have the best knees, so there are some exercises that are not the best for me, like lunges. I wish there was a feature that allowed you to skip a certain exercise or maybe an option for the trainer to recommend something different. But let’s be honest, you’d probably only get that in an in-person class or with a personal trainer!

Sometimes Misses Reps: Occasionally the machine misses a rep or two. I’ve really only noticed this while doing squats and it might be because I am not getting low enough 😉 You also have to make sure you stay within the sensor range, so if you wander from your place a little, it could miss a rep as well, but it always alerts you if you’re out of range!

So, is a Tempo Studio worth it?

100% yes. Tempo Studio is worth it. If you haven’t been able to tell throughout this entire post, I am obsessed with my Tempo Studio and am so pumped to be working with them! I know at almost $2,000 Tempo is an investment, but for the technology, equipment, and classes that come with it, I think it is 100% worth the cost.

Tempo Studio: New At home Fitness Machine

I hope this Tempo Studio Review post was helpful! If you have any further questions about Tempo, please don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a DM on Instagram and I’d be happy to answer them! I post all my workouts and Tempo updates to this IG story highlight, so check it out for more info. 

xx Chels

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