Which Tempo Bundle is Best: How to Pick the Right Tempo For You

Yall know I love my Tempo, it’s the best at-home fitness studio on the market! They recently launched three new Tempo Bundles: Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus, and Tempo Pro. Each comes with different options and accessories meant to meet the fitness needs and goals of individuals. So which Tempo Bundle is best? Read on to learn more about the new Tempo Bundles and how to choose which is best for you!

Which Tempo Bundle is Best: Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus, or Tempo Pro

Which Tempo Bundle is Best? Tempo Studio

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What’s included with all the Tempo Bundles

All three bundles still come with the AI-powered Tempo Studio and a 3D sensor that can count reps and correct form in real-time! They will all have the same 42” touch screen and a cabinet full of weight plates ranging from 1.25 – 10 pounds, two 7.5 pound dumbbells and collars, and a workout mat.

Tempo Studio: New At home Fitness Machine

With each tempo bundle and subscription, you will get access to hundreds of live and on-demand classes. They offer classes based on fitness goals (Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Mobility, and Recovery) and length of the workout. The trainers are all incredible and super motivating! Plus, Tempo just launched new classes, including boxing and soon they’ll have yoga!

New Tempo Equipment and Accessories

With the launch of the new Bundles, Tempo now offers new equipment and accessories! Heavier weights are now available for those who need them, along with a new additional weight plate storage. The Kettlebell system lets you use Tempo weights you already own and is great for all levels. They also now offer a folding squat rack and weight bench! Both conveniently fold up for easy storing.

New Tempo Equipment and Accessories

What’s the difference between each Tempo Bundle?

Where the bundles differ is in the equipment that is included. Tempo Starter has all the basic weights and equipment that you need and is perfect for someone just starting out. The Tempo Plus includes everything in the Tempo Starter bundle PLUS a 25 lbs barbell and collars, a folding bench, recovery roller, and heart rate monitor. The Tempo Pro includes all the previously mentioned equipment and additionally comes with weight storage, a folding squat rack, and a kettlebell system.

Which tempo bundle is best - differences

Which Tempo Bundle is Best?

So which Tempo Bundle is right for you? It all depends on your fitness levels and goals, as well as your budget and space!

Tempo Studio

Tempo Starter is the most cost-effective and comes with the basics. This is a great option for someone just starting on their fitness journey or for someone who doesn’t need extra equipment to meet their goals. It’s also great for smaller spaces and only takes up 3 square feet in a room.  

Tempo Plus comes with more accessories and is a great choice for someone looking to level up their fitness routine. With the addition of a bench and barbell, you’ll be able to participate in the classes that utilize these accessories. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t have any equipment at home and is looking for a more advanced setup.

With all the fitness accessories you could ever need, Tempo Pro is a great option for someone who is looking for the most robust home fitness setup. It includes everything the Starter and Plus have and adds more weights, weight storage, a squat rack, and a kettlebell. While the Tempo Pro is the most expensive option, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to have a fully equipped home gym and more cost-effective than buying each of the accessories individually.

Can you purchase Tempo accessories individually?

Yes! Customers do have the ability to purchase accessories al la carte in the Tempo accessories store. From a folding bench to a squat rack to resistance bands, Tempo has everything you need to meet your fitness goals!

Can you Finance Tempo Bundles?

Financing is still available for the bundles! Pay as low as $69 a month for The Starter, $90 a month for the Plus, and $111 for the Pro. For more information on financing, click here.

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