KETO: What to Expect in First Two Weeks of Keto Diet + Results

If you’re new to the Keto Diet or going to be starting soon, it helps to know what you’re getting yourself into! I am just over two weeks in and am LOVING it. So, I figured I’d share my experience and help others. Here is what to expect in the first two weeks of Keto AND the results I’ve seen:

What Happens in the First Two Weeks of the Keto Diet

You’ll Start Losing Water Weight

Within a couple of days of starting Keto, and definitely within the first two weeks, you’ll start losing water weight from stored carbs! Before Keto, even though I tracked calories and watched what I ate, my weight would fluctuate 2 or 3 pounds from one day to the next purely from bloating and what I ate!

weight loss from first two weeks of keto

You can see in the graph my weight zigzags of ups and downs… until June 16th when I started Keto! I did a fast to help jump-start Keto, and have steadily seen a decrease on the scale ever since. After the initial water weight, you will begin to continue to lose body fat since that’s what your body is using as fuel!

You May Have More Cravings

I typically don’t have a sweet tooth, but during the first week on Keto, I was craving sweets like CRAZY!  Luckily there are keto-friendly alternatives and I was able to get my fix and stay in my macros. 

I usually crave salt and french fries, and surprisingly, I haven’t had cravings for those or bread or pasta at all! Everyone is different though, so I suggest dealing with your cravings by finding Keto-friendly alternatives.

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You'll Feel Sluggish and Tired in the First Two Weeks of Keto (Keto Flu)

The infamous Keto Flu. Many people feel sluggish, tired, and weak when transitioning to a Keto diet. It’s because your body is used to running on carbs and you’ve taken that fuel source away. So while your body is transitioning to starting to use fat as a fuel, you will definitely feel more tired. But fear not, there are things you can do to help prevent this feeling and combat it! 

Make sure you’re drinking enough water (I love this bottle to help me track) and taking electrolytes to help with dehydration. I’ve also found that exogenous ketones help with my energy level as well.

After a week or two, you’ll be feeling good as new! Probably even better than before!

You'll Have to Adjust Your Workouts When Starting Keto

This was tough for me as I enjoy my morning workouts. Instead of my normal 1-hour walking treadmill workout that burns 700 calories, I did a light 30-minute walk instead. Don’t push yourself too hard, and take it easy the first couple of weeks.

You May Have Digestive Issues

When reading about starting the Keto Diet, many sources say that digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea are common. I have been fortunate enough not to have any of those issues. I drink a lot of water a day and try to make sure I get enough fiber as well. If you do find yourself with digestive issues, try these tips:

  • Water, water, and more water — stay hydrated!
  • Eat more low carb, high fiber veggies (like avocado, cauliflower,  broccoli, asparagus, etc)
  • Magnesium (can help with constipation)
  • Get enough sleep

Your Hunger Might Actually Decrease on Keto

I personally have not found this to be the case (I workout in the mornings though and maybe I’m still adjusting), but many people report feeling fuller for longer since fat is very satiating. 

You May Have Bad Breath

This is a very common side effect once you’re in full ketosis — I’ve personally had it! It’s caused from elevated ketone levels, read more about it here.

It should subside after your body better adjusts to being low carb. For now, I just keep sugar-free mint gum around to help!

Some People Report Insomnia

I have not had this issue at all, but apparently some people report trouble sleeping when first getting into keto. You can try a natural sleep aid like melatonin or CBD if this is an issue for you. It should subside after a couple of weeks. I personally have been sleeping like a rock!

You'll Get into Ketosis

Some people get into ketosis in the first week, but many don’t. You can test this by using urine or blood tests. I personally use the urine tests because I am not keen on needles, but the blood tests are said to be more accurate.

What to Expect in First Two Weeks of Keto - RESULTS

I've lost 8 pounds after two weeks on the Keto Diet

After two weeks on the Keto diet, I am down 8 pounds! A lot of that is probably water weight and bloating, but I look and feel great! My clothes are fitting better and I am feeling more confident! 

keto results after 2 weeks

I didn’t take a photo right before I started (oops) but the one on the left is from a couple days in. Even from there you can see a difference, I especially see/feel it with bloating.

I am enjoying the food

I actually enjoy the food I am eating on Keto. A lot of people talk about how they hate eating so much greasy, fatty food… news flash, you’re not eating the right food!! This is where educating yourself is so important. 

You can eat a greasy, bun-less cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant and technically have it fit in your macros, but it’s not “good for you” food. It’s not high quality meat, the cheese is over processed, and it’s likely cooked in vegetable oil which is not healthy.

For lunch, I had a spinach salad with goat cheese and a french vinaigrette and some macadamia nuts. My meal had 48 grams of fat, 12 grams of protein, and about 3 grams of net carbs. It’s important to eat good, whole food on the Keto diet!!

I still am adjusting to the energy loss

I don’t think I am fully Keto adapted yet, I still have days where I am more tired and feeling a little sluggish. But, that may also have something to do with this pandemic we’re in :/ It’s hard to distinguish between the two. A lot of people have reported feeling sluggish and less motivated through all of this.

I workout most mornings so that may be making the adjustment a little more difficult, but I do it for my mental health, so I don’t plan on stopping. Hopefully that will work itself out soon!

So far I am really enjoying the Keto diet and feel a lot better. The lack of bloating has been amazing! I am excited to give a 1-month update once I reach that point! Have any more questions about What to Expect in the First Two Weeks of Keto? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram!  

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5 thoughts on “KETO: What to Expect in First Two Weeks of Keto Diet + Results

  1. Thanks for this. Im only 4 days in but haven’t noticed any changes, good or bad. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next week!

  2. I’m feeling sluggish and little to no appetite. Monday was the start of week 2. I had some pickle juice and am now eating breakfast: 2 strips of bacon, guac, 2 scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes. I dont wanna eat it though ughhh. I will make sure i eat more often so I can kick this slug demon. Thanks for the insight and hope you’re doing well.

  3. Hi I’m 5 days in. My first 3 days I had very bad headaches. I’m using an app, Better me from on line. It helps with my day to day meals so I don’t have to count macrons, it’s all done for me. This is where I fell down in the past. So this app is easy to use but you have to pay for it. There is so much you can eat. I feel fuller for longer and no cravings so far. I have lost 5 pounds and looking positive to carry this on.
    Was great to read Chels post and Letishea.

    1. Hi, Im 2 weeks in and haven’t lost anything. I’m following my macros and still nothing. I’m in ketosis for days also . I check it with the urine strip all the way to the purple but no weight loss. What does this mean I’m so frustrated? I am in the tired sluggish stage but no weight loss. Can you give me some insight? Thanks.

  4. I’m not fully on keto I’m not messaging or anything I’m sticky just taking bread past and potatoes out of my diet I feel as if I shouldn’t limit myself on fruits and vegetables it’s my 1st week I’m feeling tiered pounding headache & everything annoys the $h!t out of me and I’m feeling unmotivated to do simple tasks but I’m not giving up I know this will pass

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