10 Best Beaches in Sydney

The 10 Best Sydney Beaches | One Chel of an Adventure's favorite Sydney beaches

It’s no secret that Syndey has some amazing beaches, over 100 of them actually! I’ve visited my fair share of them, and have come up with a list of my top 10 favorite beaches! There are plenty of others that are great, these just happen to be my personal favorite.

1. Bondi Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

Arguably Sydney’s most famous beach, Bondi is always a good choice for a beach day — if you don’t mind the crowds. Bondi is popular for a reason, it is an absolutely stunning beach. And they have a ton of really cool places to eat and drink nearby. My recommendation? Bondi Icebergs. It has amazing views and great food and drinks, plus, can you really go to Bondi and not get the classic Icebergs’s pool pic (above)?

2. Coogee Beach


I absolutely love Coogee Beach. It’s usually a little less crowded than Bondi and has a more chilled out vibe. It also happens to have one of my favorite bars in Sydney: The Coogee Pavillion. It’s an awesome spot for drinks after a day at the beach — trust me, I would know, I have spent many a days there 😉

3. Bronte Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

Bronte is another great beach along the Bondi to Coogee walk. It’s only 1 km south of Bondi. A bit smaller and less crowded than the last two, but still has some great views! On the southern headland, there is also a natural ocean pool that’s great for swimming.

4. Manly Beach


Probably Sydney’s second most popular/famous beach, Manly always makes for a great beach day. Most easily accessible by ferry from Circular Quay, the ride over is almost as beautiful as the beach itself — you get to see all of Sydney’s harbor. Hungry? There is a great fish and chips place called Manly Ocean Foods right before you get to the beach. Stop and get the calamari basket for a yummy picnic on the beach!

5. Shelly Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

Shelley Beach is just a short 10-minute walk along the coast from Manly and it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a popular beach for snorkeling and swimming and not usually as busy as Manly. There is also a really cool rock ocean pool (pictured above) along the walk from Manly that is worth checking out.

6. Maroubra Beach


Nicknamed “The Bra,” Maroubra is one of Sydney’s iconic southern beaches for surfing due to it having some of Australia’s most consistent waves. It stretches for 1 km and has beautiful white sand. Easily accessible by bus, its only 10 km from the city center.

7. Palm Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

Located an hour away up in Sydney’s northern beaches is Palm Beach. And let me tell you, this place is a dream. The beach almost looks fake it’s so perfect (just look at that pic). It was also the set for the TV show Home and Away. There are some great restaurants in the area, as well as the Barrenjoy Lighthouse that is worth checking out.

8. Bundeena/Jibbon Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

This one you probably haven’t heard of. It’s located an hour south of Sydney CBD in Royal National Park (another place you should absolutely check out and here’s why). The beach has pretty cool views of Sydney’s skyline way off in the distance. It also has a lot of great rocks and shells to explore and look out!

9. Congwong Beach

10 Best Sydney Beaches

This southern Sydney beach located in Kamay Botany Bay National Park should definitely be on your radar. It’s usually not too crowded and has some amazing ocean views. This beach is easily accessible by car and is only a short walk from the car park. The waves here aren’t too rough, so it’s good for swimming and snorkeling. Beware not to mix this up with Little Congwong Beach as it’s a clothing optional beach and that brings a whole different kind of view.

10. Little Bay Beach


This beach might just be my favorite, so much so that I wrote an entire post on it! It’s a little-known beach that’s just south of Maroubra and north of La Perouse. It has beautiful sand and the water is gorgeous.It has really calm waters, making it ideal for swimming. Something to note, there is only limited street parking, and there is quite a bit of glass down on the beach that you need to watch out for.

xx Chels

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