21 Things You’ll Miss About Texas

As someone who has lived abroad and traveled internationally, there are always things I miss from back home in Texas. If you’re planning a trip or are currently living abroad, I guarantee these are things you’ll miss about Texas:

Things You'll Miss Most About Texas While Living or Traveling Abroad

You'll miss hearing people say "Y'all" and "Howdy"

Texas Beers

Nothing like a Shiner or cold Lonestar on a hot Texas summer day!

You'll miss Texas Football games

things you'll miss about texas - longhorns football

Grocery shopping at HEB

Shopping for groceries in a foreign country always made me sad because I missed MY HEB!

You'll miss Texas Bluebonnets & Wildflowers in the Spring

Texas wildflowers in spring

Tex-Mex Food

It’s impossible to find good Tex-Mex food anywhere else. 

missing tex-mex food

You're going to miss Queso SO MUCH

Also known as liquid gold. I missed queso SO MUCH. And its impossible to remake it in another country. I tried in Australia and my partner tried in Spain, both were fails.

Nights out on Dirty 6th Street in Austin, TX

It’s a guilty pleasure, you can’t lie and say you don’t kinda love a good night out on dirty 6th Street😉

Late night runs to Whataburger

No joke, Whataburger was my last meal before leaving to move to Sydney!

missing Whataburger in texas

Breakfast Tacos

I don’t know how I survived hungover mornings abroad without breakfast tacos. This is one of the things I missed most about Texas. 

Things You'll Miss About Texas - breakfast tacos

Driving on the right side of the road

This only applies if you’re going to a country where they drive opposite of us 😉 It took me awhile to get used to it in Australia

driving on the opposite side in australia

Texas Two-Stepping

You’ll be hardpresssed to find a two-stepping country bar in another country.

Swimming Holes > Swimming Pools

With so many amazing swimming holes just a quick day trip away from Austin, it’s no wonder we love them over pools!

Blue Bell Ice Cream

A Texas favorite! Photo below from their Facebook page.


Buc-ee’s has a cult following in Texas, no other rest stop compares! Photo below from Buc-ee’s website.

Kolaches for breakfast

Texas Kolaches

Live Music in Austin, Texas

One of my favorite parts of Austin, Texas is all the live music!

Things You'll Miss About Texas live music

Texas BBQ

Brisket, ribs, the sides… you’re going to miss it all!

Texas BBQ plate

Texas Rodeo

texas rodeo

The Thing You'll Miss About Texas most...

Texas is home. It’s hard being away from your home and friends and family! But it’ll be waiting for you when you get back 😉 

Things You'll Miss About Texas

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