Fall Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack for a Road Trip in the Fall

I love a good road trip, especially during the fall when the leaves start changing! If you’re planning a road trip this season (maybe to one of the top fall travel destinations in the US?!), here’s a rundown of fall road trip essentials you’ll definitely want to pack:

Fall Road Trip Essentials

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1. Dress Comfortably for a Road Trip, Bring Layers

When you’re spending lots of time in the car, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Dress for fall road trip success by packing plenty of cozy layers you can pile on when temperatures drop. Here are the road trip essentials for fall when it comes to clothing:

    • Tank tops and t-shirts
    • Shorts and leggings/pants
    • Sweater or Jacket
    • Rain jacket and/or umbrella
    • Hat and scarf

For shoes, think simple and easy. It’s always great to have a pair of shoes that you can slip on quickly for when you just need to pop out of the car for a second. Don’t forget a pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes as well, for more adventurous outings!

2. Pack Your Usual Toiletries, Plus Some Fall Road Trip Essentials

Of course, you’ll want all the usual toiletries you should bring on every trip, like deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, medications, and any bathing products. On top of that, you might want to add these as well:

3. Prepare Road Trip Snacks

I don’t know what it is about road trips, but they always make you want to snack! Not all road trip munchies are created equal though. You’ll want to stock up on relatively mess-free foods so your car doesn’t get dirty. Avoid sticky, wet, or extremely crumbly snacks as best you can. Some popular snacks to add to your fall road trip pack list include:

And don’t forget a cooler to stash all your goodies in. Amazon has coolers that hang on the back of a seat AND ones that even plug into your car to keep things extra cool!

Another pro tip for easy snacking on the go? Pack reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and even cutlery to reduce plastic waste and keep things simple.

4. Make Your Car Comfortable For Long Fall Road Trips

If you’re headed on a particularly long road trip, it’s important that you make your vehicle set up as cozy as possible. Be sure to have anything you need to get some good shuteye while on the road. I like to always pack:

And don’t forget any electronic essentials! Make sure you’ve got a charger for every gadget you’re bringing along, as well as the adapters needed for your car (if any). I also recommend a phone mount for easy, hands-free navigation.

5. Stock Up On Road Trip Entertainment Options

You can play as much “I Spy” as you want, but chances are that’ll get pretty boring after a while. Keep things interesting by prepping some fun entertainment options. My top choice? Audiobooks and podcasts! Thrillers, mysteries, and true crime are great for the road because they keep you on the edge of your seat. You can also download some movies on your phone for times when you’re not driving!

Fall Road Trip Essentials - Entertainment

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Another great option is to create a shared road trip playlist with everyone in the car. Having each person add a few tunes is a great way to find new music and keep things fresh for the long haul.

Traveling with kids? Definitely pack some car-friendly travel games or even simple art supplies. You can find all sorts of board games in miniature, but playing cards, mazes, and coloring pages work well too.

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6. Be Prepared For Road Trip Emergencies

Hopefully you never have to use it, but your list of road trip essentials for fall should definitely include an emergency car kit just in case you run into trouble. Here are some of the top items AAA recommends you have in your car:

And while you should always have your license and registration at the ready when you’re driving, it bears repeating. Make sure you’ve got the necessary paperwork, as well as the car’s manual, on your checklist of fall road trip essentials.

Are you planning a fall road trip? Let me know what made it on your fall road trip pack list either in the comments or DM me on Instagram!

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