21 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Car

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I recently talked about how I write a monthly “advitorial” piece for Roger Beasley Mazda in Austin Woman Magazine! I thought it would be beneficial to share them on my blog as well! This is based off one I wrote back for the February issue. Here are 21 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Car:

21 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Car

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The Basics to Keep in Your Car

Proof of insurance: We all know this one, but legally, you must always have proof of insurance in your car.

Owner’s manual: Let’s be honest, most of us never even open it, but it’s good to have just in case you need it. Plus, where else are you going to keep it?

Charged cellphone: Always have a charged cell- phone in case of an emergency. You will need to call for roadside assistance.

Cellphone charger: Get one with multiple charge ports to earn bonus points with your passengers.

21 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Car - car charger

Sunglasses: You’ll thank yourself for having a back-up on days when you forget your regular pair at home. See my favorite sunglasses here!

Safety Items to Keep in Your Car

Tire-changing kit: Even though many people use a roadside-assistance program, it’s still smart to have all the supplies you need to change a flat. Get a kit that includes a spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench.

Jumper cables: They’re a must-have if your car battery ever dies.

21 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Car - jumper cables

Seatbelt cutter/window breaker and multi-purpose tool: Hopefully, you never have to use this tool, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can get a pack of two for less than $10.

Emergency-contact sheet: Keep a list of your emergency contacts in your glove box.

Duct tape: Is there anything duct tape can’t fix?

First-aid kit and over-the-counter pain medication: You never know when you’ll bite the dust in the parking lot and need both a bandage and some aspirin… not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything 😉

Flashlight: It’s another essential to keep in your car.

Other Items Women Should Keep in Their Car

Reusable bags: If I had a reusable bag for every time I forgot a reusable bag… it wouldn’t matter because I’d still probably forget to bring them to the grocery store.

Period backup: I always keep a tampon in my glove box, just in case. It’ll save you the dread of having to ask a colleague or stranger for one.

Stain stick: Get a stain stick for those inevitable times when your coffee splashes on the way to work.

21 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Car - stain stick

Umbrella: Texas weather has a mind of its own. Keep an umbrella in your car for when it’s sunny in the morning and pouring rain in the afternoon.

Water bottles: They’re good to have in case of emergencies… and for those unfortunate times when you forget to bring a water bottle to yoga or Pilates class.

Dental floss: It’s a necessity for when you can’t get that pesky piece of Franklin Barbecue brisket out of your teeth.

Blanket or towel: I especially recommend this one for dog owners. I don’t know how many times my pup has decided to take an unauthorized dip in the lake while at the dog park. Having a towel has saved my car seats more times than I can count.

Travel-size perfume: We all know how hot cars get during Texas summers and the inevitable back and leg sweat that comes with it. Keep a small perfume bottle (it’s one of those toiletries I never travel without) in your glove box for times when the heat is especially bad.

Gum: Besides fixing bad breath, apparently chewing mint gum helps reduce road rage, which anyone who has to brave I-35 on their morning commute needs.

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