Best Keto Swaps: Low Carb Swaps for High Carb Foods

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to give up the foods you love when starting the Keto Diet! Luckily there are tons of low-carb alternatives out there. Here are some of the Best Keto Swaps for your favorite high-carb foods:

Keto Friendly Swaps for High Carb Foods

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Best Keto Swaps: Grains + Breads

Flour – flour is a baking staple, swap your normal flour for one of these low carb options

Bread – Luckily, you don’t have to give up bread on Keto, you just have to choose a keto-friendly version! Whether you want to make your own or buy a premade loaf, you’ve got plenty of options.

Tortillas + Wraps – no need to give up tacos or wraps, use one of these alternatives instead:  

Bread crumbs – would you believe me if I said using pork rinds as bread crumbs is even better than the real thing!? Not only do these make your fried food extra crispy, they also add more fat to the meal!

Best Keto Swaps: Pasta + Rice

Pasta – Praise whoever invented keto-friendly pasta alternatives!! From “miracle noodles” to pasta made from hearts of palm, there are lots of pasta/noodle swaps to choose from.

Rice – Just like pasta, there are keto-friendly rice alternatives too:

Best Keto Swaps: Breakfast Foods (Pancakes, Waffles, etc)

Pancakes + Waffles – Thankfully there are great keto swaps for your favorite breakfast foods: Pancakes and waffles!  And don’t worry, you can still have maple syrup too.

Bagels – Another breakfast favorite you don’t have to give up. Choose from one of these keto bagel options: 

Muffins – swap your carby normal muffin for one of these low carb, keto-friendly muffin mixes:

Donuts – Yep, you can even still have donuts on Keto! Try one of these low carb options

Cereal – There are even low carb dupes of all the cereals you love:

Other Keto-friendly breakfast swaps – poptarts, biscuits, oatmeal, and more!

Best Keto Swaps: Chips + Snacks

Chips – there are plenty of keto-friendly, low-carb chips out there that are delicious… you won’t even miss regular chips!

Cheetos/Puffs – Get your Cheeto fix with these swaps:

Crackers – most cheeses are super keto-friendly, and what goes great with cheese? Crackers! Pair your favorite low carb cheese with one of these Keto-friendly crackers:

Granola/Meal Bars – replace your normal high-carb, high-sugar granola bars with one of these delicious options

Other low-carb snack options: I’ve added more keto snacks like edamame beans, chicken skins, coconut rinds, and more to this Amazon list!

Best Keto Swaps: Sweets + Desserts

Sugar – There are low-carb replacements for every type of sugar! My personal favorite is Swerve, but there are plenty of other options

Baking Chocolate – You can still make your favorite chocolatey baked treats with these keto swaps: 

Cookies – cookie lovers rejoice with these low-carb cookie swaps! You can even get edible keto cookie dough.

Cake – Again, there are so many keto-friendly cake options! My personal favorite are these mug cakes from Sweet Logic — you put it in a mug, add whatever ingredients it calls for (usually just water, butter, or an egg), microwave it for a minute, and then it’s done!

Brownies – Get your brownie fix with these low carb mixes:

Best Keto Swaps: Candy

Chocolate Bars – Lily’s chocolate bars are my personal favorite, but there are several other options too: 

Peanut Butter Cups – Peanut butter cups are one of my favorite guilty pleasures… luckily there are SO many keto-friendly alternatives out there: 

Gummies – While these gummies are technically Keto-friendly, I would limit the amount you eat. Many of these have 6 net carbs which is about 1/4 of most people’s daily allowance on Keto. 

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