LASIK Surgery: 6 Reasons Why Travelers Should Consider It

I HATED wearing contacts. They were such a pain, especially while traveling. I got LASIK surgery at Mann Eye Institute, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Not only has it made everyday life better, but it also has made traveling so much easier!

If you are a frequent traveler like me and struggle with contacts and glasses, read on to see why I would highly recommend LASIK surgery and how it makes traveling so much easier!

LASIK Surgery Benefits for Travelers

Never Worry About Dry Contacts on a Plane

Flying is already stressful enough, worrying about glasses and contacts just adds to it. I was nearsighted, meaning I couldn’t see far away… which is kind of important in places like airports where reading signs so you know where you need to go is a must.

Why LASIK is Great for Travelers in Airports

If I wore glasses, I had to worry about them slipping off my face while struggling my way through airport security. If I wore contacts, my eyes would feel like absolute sandpaper by the end of the flight. Taking contacts out (at least for me) was never a graceful task and required a mirror and steady hand — not easy on an airplane. 

So basically it was a lose-lose situation.

The #1 Tip for Travelers with Contacts on Airplanes

Now, after getting LASIK  I don’t have to worry about any of that!

Save Room in Your Luggage

If you wear both glasses and contacts like I did, you likely have to pack all of these items for EVERY trip:

  • boxes of contacts
  • contact solution
  • contact carrying cases
  • glasses
  • glasses case
  • prescription sunglasses
  • regular sunglasses (for when I wear contacts)
  • sunglasses case
  • glasses cleaner

You have NO idea how much room has been freed up in my luggage now that I don’t have to worry about all that!

Don’t Miss Any of the Sights

True story: when I was in Melbourne, Australia, I booked an amazing day tour of the Great Ocean Road. I had heard how incredibly beautiful it was, so I was SO excited. 

43 hour Melbourne itinerary: Great Ocean Road

I got on the bus, sat up near the tour guide (I usually make friends with the tour guide when I travel alone, highly recommend), and was ready to go… until I quickly realized that I had forgotten to put my contacts in. 

I was devastated that I was going to be kinda missing out on all the amazing sights because they would be blurry. Luckily, our guide was kind enough to swing back by my hostel and I was able to run up and get them! But still, what a pain… not to mention, an inconvenience for the other passengers.

Since getting LASIK, I don’t have to worry about missing any sights because I’ve forgotten my contacts or glasses!

Water Activities Aren't An Issue

Unfortunately, water activities and contacts do NOT mix. Last year, before getting LASIK surgery, I fell while wakesurfing and the impact popped one of my contacts right out of my eye! I had to drive an hour home with only one contact. It was miserable, not to mention, unsafe.

21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Fiji

I can also see clearly snorkeling and scuba diving now! Before LASIK, I accepted that my vision wouldn’t be very clear snorkeling because there was no way I’d wear contacts in saltwater. 

Don't Worry About Losing Your Glasses Abroad

Ask me how fun it was leaving my prescription glasses on an airplane once… hint, it was not. 

Now when I’m traveling, I don’t have to risk that, and getting LASIK has opened up my options for sunglasses!

Why LASIK is Great for Travelers - Swimming

Taking Photos is Easier

It’s tough taking photos on a DSLR camera with glasses on (even regular sunglasses). The glasses obstruct looking into the viewfinder, and being able to focus and see what you’re taking a photo of is obviously important.

LASIK has changed all that!

I know I sound like a broken record, but LASIK really has made all aspects of traveling so much better and easier. I was nervous getting it done, but am SO thankful I did! I cannot recommend it and the doctors at Mann Eye Institute enough. Read more on my entire LASIK experience here.

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram and I will happily answer them!

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6 Reasons Travelers Should Consider LASIK Surgery
6 Ways LASIK Surgery Makes Traveling Easier
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3 thoughts on “LASIK Surgery: 6 Reasons Why Travelers Should Consider It

  1. That’s exactly how I feel. Lasik has given me so much more confidence in my day-to-day life. I never have to worry about the safety of my eyesight anymore and that is priceless. I’m not scared of waking up on a rainy morning or any other time to go outside and look at things. Lasik has made my life a lot easier and better in many ways.

  2. It was quite convincing when you told us to get LASIK surgery so we will no longer have a stressful time in places like airports where we need to read signs to know where we should go. I work as a travel journalist, so I frequent the airport a lot for my business trips. I’ll be sure to consider getting LASIK surgery for my eyes once I find an optometrist to call for an appointment soon.

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