The Ultimate Moving Abroad Packing List for Women

Ultimate Moving Abroad Packing List for Women: What to Pack When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad? I have compiled the ultimate packing list for anyone moving or studying abroad for 6 months to a year. The list is below, but I have also created a customizable Google Doc you can download and use! This list is specifically for me moving to Australia, so keep in mind where you’re going, and make edits accordingly:

Moving Abroad Packing List: Clothing

  • 10 pairs of underwear
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 Bras (normal + strapless)
  • 3-4 Pairs of Jeans
  • 2-3 Swimsuits
  • 4-6 Workout shorts
  • 3-4 jean shorts/other shorts
  • 5-8 T-shirts
  • 8-10 Nice shirts/tanks
  • 5-8 Dresses (1 nicer one)
  • 3-5 Long sleeve t-shirts
  • 3-5 Tank tops
  • 3-5 Sports bras
  • 3-5 yoga pants/leggings
  • 5-8 Sweaters
  • Rain jacket
  • 1 Warmer jackets
  • PJs


  • Tennis shoes
  • Sandals
  • 1 pair of wedges
  • 1 pair of heels
  • Boots (Rain and/or riding)



  • Make-up
  • Hair brush + comb
  • Toothbrush + paste
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant
  • Dry shampoo
  • Shampoo + conditioner
  • Hairspray
  • Leave-in conditioner 
  • Face lotion + oil
  • Face wipes
  • Hair Dryer + Curling Iron/Straightener 
  • Q tips
  • Tweezers 
  • Bobby pins + scrunchy
  • Prescriptions
  • Eye drops
  • Tampons
  • Basic Meds (Advil + Imodium) 
  • Contacts (if needed) 
  • Tampons/Pads
  • Nail clippers

*A note on toiletries, remember that you will be able to buy them wherever you’re moving to, so only pack travel size to save room in your suitcase!


List of Other Things to Pack When Moving Abroad

  • Passport
  • Copy of Passport + DL + KTN
  • Journal/notebook
  • Stash of your favorite snacks from home (just make sure they’re OK to bring through customs)
  • Pictures of friends + family
  • Travel pillow (these are the highest rated ones)

Moving Abroad Packing Checklist - Printable

Here is the Ultimate Moving Abroad Pack List pdf to download and print (click the link or photo below). I left a couple of blank spaces at the end for you to fill in anything extra you may need!

Customizable Moving Abroad Packing Check List

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Moving Abroad Packing List
Moving Abroad Packing List for Women

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