20 Awesome Travel Gear Finds on Amazon This Month for Under $25

It’s no secret I am an Amazon addict, I literally buy almost everything on there. I have people ask me all the time where I got my shoes, clothes, pretty much anything from and my answer 90% of the time is Amazon! SO I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite Travel Gear Finds on Amazon!

Best part? They’re all under $25!

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Travel Gear Finds on Amazon: Clothing

I just purchased this flowy maxi-dress for my upcoming trip to Mexico! I am staying at the amazing  UNICO 20° 87° Riviera Maya Hotel and cannot wait to go!

When I’m traveling, especially in airports, I prefer to have a crossbody bag. It’s much easier to carry, especially when you’ve got multiple bags/things to carry. These are the perfect size too!

These fun earring are perfect for any tropical vacation! They have eight different colors to choose from on Amazon.

I’m a bit of a sunglass addict, and when I saw these were less than $15, I had to snag a pair! I love the tortoise shell (pictured) but actually ended up buying the cream colored pair!

These strappy sandals are perfect for the beach! They come in a bunch of different colors too! 

Staring at screens all day can really put a strain on your eyes, these glasses are great for reducing glare and eye strain — especially on flights! 

This shift dress with the fun neon tassels makes a great cover-up for the beach or at the pool!

I love this cut-out one piece! Its super flattering being black and high waisted, but also a little sexy with the cut-out and tie at the bust!

I wear this hat SO often while traveling (especially on my trip to Downtown Napa). It’s cute and still really good at keeping the sun off your face. 

Travel Gear Finds on Amazon: Tech

These over the ear bluetooth headphones are great for traveling or working out because they’re lightweight and don’t take up a lot of room (I love my Beats Solo3 but they can be a little bulky), plus you don’t have to worry about wires getting all tangled up!

When I travel I always have a million cords and cables for my phone, laptop, camera, etc. This organizer is great for keeping everything tidy in one place instead of a tangled mess. 

There is a reason over 28,000 people give this a 4.5 average star rating: it’s a great portable travel speaker that’s water resistant and lasts for 12 hours! It’s perfect for listening in the hotel room or bringing out to the beach.

This SD card holder is perfect for travelers who love taking photos! It holds 4 different cards and clips on to your backpack, keys, etc! 

I’m not typically a huge fan of having a pop socket for everyday life, but it’s perfect for propping your phone up for flights! For less than $10, its worth it to make your flight a little more enjoyable. 

This sneaky key chain charger is perfect for those times your forget to bring a cable! Plus, the tassle is super cute!

Other Awesome Finds

I totally dig this set of 3 luggage tags! This brand has several different styles, including leather, metallic, pastel, and these fun bright neon ones!

I personally recommend passport covers/wallets that clip shut, you’re less likely to lose anything that way! I also try and get ones with RFID blocking material just to be safe. This one is great because it has so many different pockets/slots to put assorted cards and travel documents!

Flying always dries my skin out so much. I like to bring a moisturizing sheet mask with me when I fly (no, I don’t actually wear them on the plane, I can’t bring myself to that humiliation haha). This one comes with 16 different kinds! See the other beauty products I never travel without.

We all know sunscreen is super important for your skin. I love this one from Bare Republic for your face because it’s tinted so it gives you a little bit of extra coverage!

This bag is a great carry-all for toiletries and make-up! The inside is waterproof material which is great in case of spills.

So there you have it, a round-up for my favorite Travel Gear Finds on Amazon this month! I’m thinking about making this a monthly thing, thoughts? Let me know in the comments on DM me on Instagram!

I list these and all my favorite finds in my Amazon Influencer Storefront!

xx Chels

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