Bridesmaid Day of Wedding Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get your bridesmaids on your wedding day? Bridesmaids put in a lot of time and effort to help make your big day special. Show your thanks with a cute gift bag filled with thoughtful goodies! Here are cute and thoughtful bridesmaid day of gift ideas:

Bridesmaid Day of Gift Bags for Wedding

Bridesmaid Day of Gift Ideas

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Bridesmaid Gift bags

I gave my bridesmaids lux gold gift bags and personalized them myself using a Circuit Joy. Typically I probably would have done a “fancier” bag but I gave them all super cute ones for my bachelorette party

Here are some other fun day-of bridesmaid bag ideas: 

Bridesmaid Day of Gift Ideas: Personalized Necklace for Wedding

When thinking about bridesmaids’ gifts, remember that while this day is special to you, it’s not as special to them. So if you get them something that says the date or “bridesmaid,” there is a good chance they won’t wear it again.

I wanted to do something personalized yet something they’d want to wear outside of the wedding, so I got these custom birth month flower necklaces. I did their birth month, my birth month, and the month of my wedding. It’s still special and personalized to them and the date but doesn’t scream bridesmaid. It looked really good with their bridesmaid dresses, and my girls still wear theirs all the time!

Here are some other subtle, yet personalized bridesmaids necklaces/jewelry you could do: 

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Robes

Bridesmaid Day of Wedding Gift Ideas

I scoured the internet looking for the perfect bridesmaid robe and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted… so I made them! I found a super cozy robe on Amazon and used my Cricut Joy to iron on their names in glittery gold vinyl

DIY Robes - Bridesmaid Day of Wedding Gift Ideas

Here’s everything I used: 

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? No problem! Here are some other great custom robe options on Etsy:

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Slippers

I wanted cute feather slippers for my girls, and found these on Amazon that matched the robes perfectly! They are so comfy, I still wear them around the house.

The first photo below is the exact ones I got, but wanted to include other options in case that brand doesn’t have the color you’re looking for:

Personalized Wedding Day Bridesmaid Champagne Glass

I DIY-ed the champagne flutes using my Cricut (surprise haha). I bought glass stemless champagne flutes and used permanent white vinyl to do each girl’s name! There are, of course, premade ones you can buy on Amazon or custom ones on Etsy

Bridesmaid Hangover Kit for Wedding

Of course, you’ve got to include a hangover kit in your day of bag! Here’s what to include:

Other Bridesmaid Day of Gift Ideas

In my day of bridesmaids’ gift bags I also included:

    • a handwritten thank you note
    • some mini bottles of liquor
    • a couple of our custom wedding koozies
    • and a printed schedule of the weekend’s events

There are so many fun things you can do to say thank you to your bridesmaids. You can even make it personal to each one, here are some more ideas for things you could include:

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