Dream Caribbean Destinations: 18 Gorgeous Places to Visit in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is filled with white sand beaches, diverse rainforests, volcanic mountain ranges, and rich culture. If you’re looking to plan an amazing Caribbean vacation, here are 18 dream Caribbean destinations to visit! 

18 Dream Caribbean Destinations

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Belize - One of my favorite Caribbean Destinations

Unlike many of the other best places in the Caribbean on this list, Belize isn’t an island, but a small country on the eastern coast of Central America, located just below the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

Belize - Caribbean Destination

Belize offers more off-the-beaten-path options like exploring the Belize Barrier Reef, checking out Mayan ruins, and island-hopping off the coast.

Antigua and Barbuda

This duo of islands offers a beach for every sort of swimmer, sunbather, diver, and surfer: Antigua alone has 365 beaches along its shores! Half Moon Bay is a honeymooner’s paradise, while Galley Bay Beach is ideal for water sports lovers.

Dream Caribbean Destinations - Antigua

For more seclusion and quiet, head to Antigua’s sister island: Barbuda

Where to Stay: Sandals Grande Antigua

St. Martin/Sint Maarten - Dream Caribbean Destinations

St. Martin/Sint Maarten is a popular cruise ship destination, making all the fun super accessible to both day-trippers and those with week-long stays. This Caribbean island enjoys a unique blend of French and Dutch influence, making for eye-catching architecture and cuisine flavors

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

The Bahamas

With an archipelago of over 700 islands and cays, The Bahamas has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a hidden getaway or a high-end resort, The Bahamas are convenient to reach from many US cities and is perfect for island hoppers, divers, and partiers alike. 

The Bahamas - Dream Caribbean Destination

For a list of awesome things to do in The Bahamas, check out this post!

Where to Stay: Sandals Emerald Bay

Cayman Islands

Known as one of the more affordable dream Caribbean destinations, the white sand beaches of The Cayman Islands shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Cayman Islands - Caribbean Dream Destination

From picturesque dive sites to unique activities like feeding the rays at Stingray City, you won’t get bored in the Cayman Islands. 


With beaches ideal for catching a wave and a capital city steeped in rich colonial history, Barbados is one of the best Caribbean islands for active types and history buffs alike.

Barbados - Historic Caribbean Destination

Be sure sure to order a Rum drink while you’re there, Barbados is the birthplace of Rum

Where to Stay: Sandals Barbados

St. Lucia - My DREAM Caribbean Destination

St. Lucia is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit if you love to stay active. From snorkeling and diving to hiking and kite-surfing, you’ll never run out of outdoor activities on St. Lucia. 

St Lucia Caribbean Island

This Caribbean island is also known for its host of luxury resorts, making it a hot spot for honeymooners worldwide.

Where to Stay: Grande St. Lucian Resort

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are a little more remote and rugged than their American counterparts, making the BVI one of the best places in the Caribbean for sailers/yachters and divers

British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

You can expect to enjoy both reef-lined beaches and the rainforests of the Sage Mountain National Park on the main island of Tortola.

Turks & Caicos

Where to go in the Caribbean for a little more peace and quiet? Turks & Caicos may just be one of the best Caribbean islands to visit for just that. 

Turks and Caicos - Caribbean Islands

Don’t miss Grace Bay, which is home to one of the largest barrier reef systems in the world and was named the #1 Beach in the Caribbean! You can dive, swim, or snorkel around one of the many coral islands in Turks & Caicos to admire all the sea life.


Just off the coast of Venezuela, you’ll find this dream Caribbean destination. Head to Curacao‘s capital, Willemstad (a UNESCO world heritage site), to soak up Dutch colonial architecture, or Sheta Boka National Park to catch a glimpse of swimming sea turtles. 

Beautiful Caribbean Destinations Curaçao

There’s something for every traveler on Curacao, from luxury resorts to modest cabanas along the beach.

St. Thomas - US Virgin Islands Dream Caribbean Destination

If you’re an American traveling to St. Thomas, you won’t even need to bring your passport! The main island of the USVI is one of the best Caribbean islands for short-term trips.

Dream Caribbean Destination - St Thomas

St. Thomas is the gateway to the rest of the US Virgin Islands and is well known for its swimming beaches and divine snorkeling spots.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Picture this: towering jungle mountains, crumbling ruins battered by the sea breeze, and lush beaches. Sound like a dream? Then St. Kitts, one part of the duo-island nation of St Kitts and Nevis, might just climb to the top of your list of best Caribbean destinations.

St Kitts in the Caribbean

St. Kitts’ sister island, Nevis, also offers supreme diving if you’re interested in that!

St. Barts - Luxury Dream Caribbean Destination

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line luxury, you’re going to want to head to the island of St. Barts (Saint Barthélemy or St. Barths). Filled with exclusive resorts, upscale eateries, and luxury shopping, St. Barts is where to go in the Caribbean for a taste of the high life. 

St Barts Caribbean Luxury Destination

Don’t miss grabbing a cocktail (or two) at the fabulous bars along the Grand Cul-De-Sac!


Of all the dream Caribbean destinations on this list, Aruba is the closest in climate and terrain to mainland Latin America. Aruba receives a glorious 300 days of sun a year, making it a great pick if you’re worried about storms ruining your vacation. 

Aruba Caribbean Island

While you’ll spend plenty of time at Aruba’s incredible beaches, don’t miss out on exploring the desert-like interior to hike up Haystack Mountain.


With stunning mountain ranges, gorgeous coral reefs, and lively rainforests, a trip to Jamaica is guaranteed to be packed with action! If you’re a foodie, it also has delicious food and great music.

Jamaica - Caribbean Island To Visit

Check out the town of Kingston to enjoy a live reggae show, climb Blue Mountain for sweeping views, and don’t forget to try some jerk chicken!

For some of the Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica, CLICK HERE.


This Caribbean destination is a bit off-the-beaten-path. With a deep-seated French colonial heritage, don’t be surprised if you need to break out a little “bonjour” now and again to communicate with locals. 

Martinique - Caribbean Island Destination

Martinique is a lot less touristy than many of the other destinations on this list, making it ideal for those who prefer far-flung, empty beaches.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines consist of a main island plus a chain of smaller islands, making this Caribbean destination a must-go for boaters, sailors, and yachties. 

A classic day in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Hop between the beaches of different islands by catching rides on local fishing boats, or charter your own ride.

Grenada - Dream Destinations in the Caribbean

Many visitors to Grenada insist that you can smell the fine spices of this island wafting through the air on hot days, which wouldn’t come as a surprise! Grenada exports massive amounts of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon each year, and is known as “The Spice of the Caribbean.”

Grenada - Dream Caribbean Destinations

For those who like a low-key beach vacation, Grenada is perfect! Enjoy the white sand of Morne Rouge beach and the volcanic landscape of Mount Saint Catherine.

Where to Stay: Sandals Grenada

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong when choosing one of these dream Caribbean destinations. While they each have their own unique flavor and flair, you’ll certainly enjoy living the island life no matter what!

What’s your favorite destination in the Caribbean, and where do you want to head next? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram

xx Chels

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