St. Maarten Packing List for Women

Planning a trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin? Not sure what to pack? Here’s a great St. Maarten Packing List with lots of great Caribbean resort-style inspo! PLUS: I’ve included a customizable and printable packing list at the end of the post!

Looking for a men’s St. Maarten packing list? Check out this post instead.

What to Pack on a Trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin: Packing Checklist

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St. Maarten Packing List: Clothes + Shoes

5 – 6 Dresses: I personally love wearing dresses on trips, especially tropical vacays! They’re breezy, easy to pack, and always look great in photos 😉 See my list of favorite dresses here

4 – 5 Tops: While I mostly wear dresses, I did pack a couple of T-shirts and nice shirts just in case. 

2 – 3 Swimsuits: I brought a couple of swimsuits on my trip to St. Maarten, two bikinis (for when one is still wet), and a one-piece. Linked my favorites here.

1 – 2 cover-ups: cover-ups are great for walking to and from the pool or beach! Or wearing with a pair of jean shorts throughout the day.

2 – 3 pairs of shorts: I brought one pair of jean shorts and a couple of pairs of athletic shorts for just hanging around/sleeping

Pajamas: I recommend a lightweight PJ set because it can get hot and humid in St. Maarten!

Bras + Underwear + Socks: Always plan for a couple of extra pairs of underwear! As far as bras go, I always bring 1 or 2 regular ones and a strapless too. Packs a couple of pairs of socks if you’re planning on bringing tennis shoes.

Rain jacket: I would recommend packing a lightweight rainjacket, St. Maarten gets a lot of random showers. They usually don’t last long but it’s goo to be prepared!

Shoes: I recommend bringing sandals for the beach and pool (obviously), a pair of wedges for dinners or going out, and then a pair of tennis shoes as well. Need some new wedges or sandals? Check out my list of favorites here.

Hats: You should definitely pack a beach hat! I also brought a baseball hat for traveling days if my hair was a mess.

st. maarten packing list - resort style

The one I am wearing here is Sunshine Tienda, I love it! Dress is from Amazon

Purse/Beach Bag: I brought two bags, one kind of carry-all beach bag for going to the pool or beach. I also brought a fun purse for dinners or going out! More fun beachy purses saved here

Jewelry: I love to bring fun jewelry on vacations, I feel you can get away with more 😉 Here are some of the earrings I brought, all are super cheap on Amazon!

Sunglasses: I usually bring one or two pairs just in case one gets lost! Plus, it’s fun to rock a bold pair of white ones whenever you’re on a tropical vacay! See more here.

St. Maarten Packing List: Toiletries

Here is the list of toiletries and beauty products I recommend packing for a trip to St. Maarten:

    • Make-up
    • Razor
    • Toothbrush + paste
    • Perfume or body spray (I recommend something tropical)
    • Deodorant
    • Face cleanser + lotion
    • Hair
      • Hair brush (Wet Brush is the BEST, especially for detangling beach hair)
      • Bobby pins + scrunchy
      • Curling Iron/straightener
      • Blowdryer (check if hotel has one)
      • Shampoo + conditioner
      • Hairspray
      • Leave-in conditioner (this is my fave)
      • Dry shampoo
    • Chapstick (O’Keeffee’s is the best and it’s cheap!)
    • Sunscreen
    • Tweezers 
    • Meds/First Aid
      • Prescriptions
      • Advil
      • Imodium
      • Antacid
      • Eye drops
    • Tampons
    • Bug spray (Wondercide is my favorite natural option)

St. Maarten Packing List: Other

These are other items I recommend packing! Some may not apply to you, but again, in the packing list at the end of this post, you’ll be able to customize it to your needs!

Custom Printable St. Maarten Packing Checklist

As promised, here is a link to a customizable St. Maarten packing checklist Google Doc! Follow the directions to copy and create your doc so you can customize it to your own needs.

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