Spring Break Ideas for Every Type of Spring Breaker

Ahh, spring break: that time of year where college students throw away every care in the world for a week and party it up in destinations across the country (and around the globe!). But that doesn’t mean that everyone is looking for the same spring break experience. That’s why I’ve put together this roundup of Spring Break Ideas: from classic spring break destinations like Panama City Beach to off-the-beaten-path adventure spots like Cozumel Island, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your spring break trip!

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Spring Break Ideas

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Spring Break Ideas: Classic Destinations

Why fix what ain’t broke? There’s a reason these classic spring break destinations just never seem to go out of style, because they’re always a good time!

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Spacious white sand beaches and enticing early season accommodation deals? Yes, please! Pack your bags and head to Gulf Shores for spring break if you want some fun in the gulf sun and a delicious cocktail in hand.

Party in Gulf shores for spring break

Check out these awesome places to rent in Gulf Shores for big groups!

Destin, Florida

Destin offers a great mix of exciting activities and laid-back beach days. Whether you want to feed live baby alligators or book a sunset cruise, there’s something to do every day in Destin!

Spring Break Ideas in Destin

See homes to rent in Destin HERE.

Panama City Beach, Florida

It wouldn’t be a spring break destination roundup without the Notorious PCB, y’all. This Florida town has been the reigning Spring Break Capital of the World for 25 years strong, and for good reason. With some of the largest and wildest clubs in the country, PCB is a no-brainer for a classic spring break experience!

PCB Florida Spring Break

Panama City Beach rentals for big groups: click here.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you’re road tripping to spring break from the midwest or east coast, Myrtle Beach is a great option. Accommodations are much more affordable in the spring, so you and your friends can rent out a sweet beach house to party in for the week without breaking the bank!

Myrtle Beach for Spring Break

Myrtle Beach rentals for big groups: click here.

Go on a Cruise

After the last couple of years, cruise ship bookings are on the rise again! Why not hop on the wagon now before cruises are just as packed as they used to be? Check out some great deals on cruises here.

Spring Break Ideas: take a cruise

Spring Break Ideas: Wildest Party Destinations

While you can’t go wrong with any of the OG spring break destinations, if you know it’s a party you’re after, opt for one of these infamously wild destinations instead.

New Orleans, Louisiana

No matter if you’re sipping on a classy Sazerac or a party cocktail like the infamous Hurricane, going to New Orleans for spring break is a surefire way to have one hell of a time. Trust me: throw on some beads, hit up Bourbon Street, and have a wild week!

NOLA Spring Break trip

Rent a place in the French Quarter to stay in the middle of all the fun!

Cancun, Mexico

Why not take the party international? Many US cities have direct flights to this Mexico spring break destination, making it an easy and affordable trip for most. You can either live it up at an all-inclusive or dance late into the night at one of Cancun’s many party hostels/hotels.

Cancun Spring Break

Miami, Florida

This hot Florida spring break destination is known for its gorgeous beaches and crazy all-night parties. From exclusive beach clubs to chartered cruises, you can live it up any way you like in Miami. Pack plenty of clubwear and sky-high heels if you’re headed to this party hotspot for spring break!

Miami spring break

My favorite spot in Miami? Definitely South Beach! Check out some cool places to rent here. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

If partying on the beach isn’t so much your thing, why not plan spring break in Vegas? Vegas is essentially the party capital of the US, so you’re bound to have an unforgettable time!

Vegas spring break

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Often known simply as “Cabo,” this resort town in Baja comes alive in a major way at night, especially during spring break season! Spend your days chilling on the beach, and at night, hit up the clubs!

Spring Break Ideas in Cabo

There are some beautiful condos you can rent with some insane views! Or stay at this INCREDIBLE all-inclusive resort that we loveeee!

Spring Break Ideas: Tropical Destinations

Does your ideal spring break sound like relaxing with a juicy beach read and an equally delicious cocktail while waves crash in the background? Then it’s time for spring break in the tropics. Just don’t forget to pack appropriately for your tropical beach vacation!

No passport? No problem! Here’s a list of 14 Tropical Destinations You Can Visit Without a Passport

If a tropical, all-inclusive resort spring break is what you’re after, you might just want to head to Nassau in The Bahamas. The beaches here are seriously breathtaking, so you can relax and pamper yourself all week!

Spring Break Ideas in The Bahamas

Tulum, Mexico

Located just an hour south of the party town of Playa del Carmen, Tulum is your boho spring break dream come true. You’ll find plenty of good nightlife at the clubs that line the boutique-y beach road, but you’ll also find bliss in SUP yoga classes, bespoke cabana stays, and smoothie bowls galore.

Tulum spring break

Tulum has some incredibly beautiful homes to rent that are pretty affordable! 


Jamaica is a great tropical spring break destination for a variety of travelers. You can live the high life at one of the many resorts that line Jamaica’s coast. For a more authentic experience, book a stay at an Airbnb or hostel and soak up the unique history (and enjoy some of the incredible local food) that Jamaica has to offer!

Jamaica spring break trip

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is home to some of the most incredible coral sand beaches in the world, which is why it’s popular come spring break time. You’ll have the time of your life enjoying Punta Cana, but you’ll pay peak prices during the spring, so it’s not the most budget-friendly!

Punta Cana for Spring Break Ideas

Maui, Hawaii

If you’re based on the west coast and Caribbean destinations are a little too far-flung for you, why not head in the opposite direction? Yep, I’m talking about Hawaii! Maui is great for anyone on the west coast looking for a tropical spring break. Enjoy beautiful beaches, incredible surfing, and volcanic views in Maui.

Spring Break Ideas in Maui

Looking for more tropical spring break destinations? Check out these 18 Gorgeous Places to Visit in the Caribbean.

Spring Break Ideas: Ski Trip Destinations

While many of us want to escape to warmer destinations come spring break, if you’re a snow bunny you might be thinking just the opposite! Spring break is a popular time of year to fit in some last major shredding for the season, so here are the top ski trip spring break destinations.

Park City, Utah

Park City is conveniently located near the Salt Lake City airport, making it easy to get to for a quick week away. Plus, Park City Mountain Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in the country, so there’s a variety of runs for every skill level!

Ski Trip Destinations for Spring Break: Park City

Book a place in Park City here.

Breckenridge, Colorado

It’s no secret that Colorado is a ski lover’s haven. Breckenridge is one of the best choices come spring break week. Not only is the resort beautiful and well-maintained, but the mountain town of Breckenridge offers charming dining options and promising locales for stretching apres ski drinks into a full blown night on the town.

Breckenridge - Ski Trip Destinations for Spring Break

Book a place in Breckenridge here.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is home to some of the freshest powder you may ever see. Plus, the town of Jackson Hole is super cute and offers a slew of nightlife options to keep things interesting. Or, take a drive into Grand Tetons National Park on your day off from skiing for some more adventure!

Jackson hole ski trip

Voted America’s #1 Best Ski Town, Winter Park Resort is an obvious choice for many. It is the longest continuously running ski resort in Colorado and offers all sorts of runs for all sorts of skiers.

Book an awesome mountainside condo here.

Stowe, Vermont

If you’re located farther east but still want to go skiing or snowboarding for spring break, I’ve got you covered. Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont is home to some of the largest ski peaks in the eastern US!

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip Destinations for Spring Break

After you book your ski pass, here’s everything you need to pack for a skip trip

Want more spring break ideas for skiers and snowboarders? Click here.

Spring Break Ideas: Adventurous Trips + Destinations

Are you more into getting your heart rate up through a little adventure rather than all-night dancing? For anyone in search of a thrilling spring break that doesn’t rely on beach parties or tequila shots, take a look at these options: from some of the most beautiful national parks in the US to off-the-beaten-path adventure destinations!

Go Camping in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the US’s most prized natural sites, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. For a spring break experience like no other, why not go camping in this beautiful national park? Hike the ambitious Rim to Rim trail, brave a donkey ride deep into the canyon, and do some epic stargazing come nighttime!

Not into camping? Try one of these awesome glamping spots instead:

Section Hike the Appalachian Trail

While a week isn’t exactly long enough to tackle this 2,200-mile trail, you can absolutely fill a week backpacking a section of it! Since spring break is typically in March or April, focus on a southern section like Georgia or Tennessee for more pleasant camping weather.

Spring Break Ideas hiking

Surf in Hawaii

It’s okay if you’re an experienced surfer or just looking to tackle your first wave—if you want to spend your spring break surfing, then Hawaii is the place to go. Beginners will flourish on the gentler waves on the west side of Maui, while more seasoned surfers might prefer the legendary waves that strike the north shore of Oahu.

Surfing Spring Break Ideas

SCUBA Dive off Cozumel

This tiny island off the coast of Mexico is a prime destination for some of the best SCUBA diving in the world. With healthy reefs and excellent drift diving, this island is perfect for both experienced divers and anyone looking to get PADI certified! Plus,  it is just a 45-minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen.

Go Scuba diving on spring break

Climb in Yosemite

Climbers everywhere know that Yosemite offers some of the best and most challenging opportunities for rock climbing in the lower 48. If you’re ready to try your hand at El Capitan or just want to take some lessons, Yosemite is your ideal spring break destination for all things climbing.

Want more ideas for the best adventurous spring destinations? Click here.

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