How to Have the Best Movie Date Night At Home

Is there anything better than curling up with your person, some tasty popcorn, and a great movie? Don’t just throw on the same tired flick and call it a day! Date night deserves to be special—which is why I’ve put together the ultimate list of at-home movie date night ideas to make it a night to remember!

Movie Date Night At-Home - 8 Tips to Make it Awesome

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1. Pick Your Movie Before Date Night

Instead of wasting 30 minutes scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch, have an idea of what you want to watch beforehand! Popular date night movie options include action and adventure films, superhero blockbusters, and of course, romance and romantic comedies. 

Movie Date Night At Home - netflix

If you’re itching to fulfill some wanderlust, why not go for one of these 41 best travel movies? Or, work your way through the classics each movie date night with this iconic 100 movies scratch off poster.

2. Theme What You Eat

This is one of my favorite movie date night ideas at home for when you want to go the extra mile—immerse yourself in the universe of the movie by making food and drinks inspired by it. This can be done in a few creative ways.

Pizza movie date night at home

Watching Eat, Pray, Love, or maybe Roman Holiday? Enjoy some pizza or pasta and vino! Screening Bridesmaids? Bake the carrot-shaped cake emblazoned with “I’m sorry” that Annie whips up in the movie. For more ideas, check out the hilarious Eat What You Watch cookbook – it has 41 recipes for dishes seen on the big screen!

3. Upgrade Your Basic Movie Popcorn

Classic butter always works, but for the best movie date night at home, try upgrading your flavors beyond that. If you want to whip out your chef’s hat, give one of these 50 flavored popcorn recipes a try.

date night movie popcorn at home

To save time without sacrificing flavor, go for this set of movie night popcorn seasoning. With savory flavors like Spicy Siracha and Pepper Asiago, you can’t go wrong.

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4. Don’t Forget the Candy!

Stock up on all your favorite sweets before you hit play. One of my top at home movie date night ideas for candy? Go for the sugary stuff you see at the theater but not often elsewhere. Think Sno Caps, Red Vines, and Lemonheads.

Movie Date Night At Home - candy

Or the classic Buncha Brunch, which pairs perfectly with your savory popcorn. Take a bite of chocolate candy, then a few pieces of popcorn—it’s the ideal salty-sweet balance!

5. Go Big: Use a Projector for Movie Night At Home

Want to take things up a notch and really recreate that movie theater feeling? Then you’ll want to use a projector! To achieve the big screen at home, you’ll need a portable projector and optionally, a projector screen.

Movie Date Night At Home - projector screen

Some come packaged together which makes things easier, like this one. It’s even compatible with smartphones! If you don’t want to shell out for a screen, you can always project the movie on a light-colored, blank wall. Ta-da! Just like sitting in the movie theater.

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6. Surround Yourself with Sound

Now that you’ve got the big screen, you need audio to match. Upgrade to some powerful, professional speakers for killer surround sound.

Surround sound for Movie Date Night At Home

If you’re ballin’ on a budget though, I suggest using the Bluetooth speaker you’ve probably already got to create that surround sound effect: just set it up behind you to feel immersed in the movie!

7. Get as Cozy as Possible

Why does this make for one of the best date night ideas at home? Because unlike at a real theater, you can set up a super dreamy and cozy area complete with pillows, blankets, and other soft fuzzies to lounge on while you watch. 

Blanket Fort for Movie Date Night

Here are some of my favorite ways to get snuggly for the best movie date night at home:

  • Wear your most comfortable pajamas—bonus points for a good onesie!
  • Pull out all your softest pillows and blankets, and make a little nest for you and your S.O. either on the floor or the couch. 
  • Get creative: build a pillow fort or grab some bean bag chairs for the most cozy setup!

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8. Take Your Movie Night Outside

Switch things up with a movie date night under the stars. Grab your projector and speakers and bring them into the great outdoors, a.k.a. your backyard. 

outdoor Movie Date Night At Home

And don’t forget all those cozy blankets and pillows! Of course, this is best saved for warmer nights, but even during winter you could set up your projector alongside the fire and sip on some hot cocoa or a winter adult beverage!

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  1. Cool ideas but I am making a family movie night but this is still helpful thx y’all

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