Glamping at Home – 9 Awesome Ideas to Glamp in Your Own Backyard

For many of us, camping has been a quintessential summer activity since childhood. But sometimes, the luxury of a fridge and indoor plumbing outweighs getting eaten alive by mosquitos. With glamping, your own backyard can be just the sweet escape you’re looking for. Wondering how to glamp at home? Here are some useful glamping at home ideas for the next time you have the urge to feed your wild side, but also still want the convenience of easily going to the bathroom.

9 Ideas to Glamp at Home

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1. First things first, find your shelter for Glamping at home

Whether it’s a traditional camping tent or your very own safari glamping tent, protection from the elements is key. Be sure to set your shelter up on flat, even ground, and out of the way of any precariously-hanging tree branches. 

Here are some great tent options on Amazon, varying in price:

Glamping at Home

Instead of sleeping on the hard ground, bring out the blow-up mattress and spare sheets for some extra coziness (like this Coleman camping cot + air mattress combo). If you’re feeling extra fancy, pull the whole mattress off your bed and bring it to your shelter. Just be warned, you may never want to bring it back inside again!

2. Create a lounge space.

Every backyard glamping setup needs the essentials of comfort! It’s time to gather up all your softest and coziest pillows (these covers are waterproof) and blankets and arrange them in and around your shelter to create various lounging areas.

Next in line is comfortable seating: by adding some hammocks or cute hanging chairs, your glamping at home will be Insta-worthy and forever comfy.

3. Add some cozy lighting.

From the tiki torches from your last year’s Hawaiian-themed BBQ to outdoor string lights hanging from your trees, your ambiance lighting should be soft yet abundant. 

Just by adding twinkle lights at the top of the inside of your tent, you can create the feeling of a starry night, even if your backyard has a lot of light pollution.

4. Create a dining room table.

The bad news: your bird poop covered picnic table is not the most glam thing to look at while letting out your inner Pinterest. Try putting a tablecloth (this one is waterproof for the outdoors) over the top to hide the weathered look and plush seating for extra comfort.

dining table ideas for glamping

If you don’t have a seating area in your backyard already, just bring one from inside your house! Dress it up with some nice cloth napkins, and for bonus points, add a mason jar of flowers from the yard and a bucket for wine to tie the whole table together. If you want some nice glassware but don’t want to worry about breaking glass, try these: plastic cups/tumblers and plastic wine glasses (also comes in stemless) that actually look nice. Or add these fun ones for a pop of color! 

5. Enjoy a gourmet meal while Glamping at home

Just because you’re glamping in your backyard doesn’t mean you have to rough it. If you want to make your meals yourself, breaking out the grill is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. For those feeling really adventurous, try building a fire pit in your backyard and using a cast-iron skillet for a true wilderness experience.

Or if you’re looking for glamping ideas that let you fully relax, why not order delivery so you can focus on staying in lounge mode?

grilling while glamping

Here’s what’s non-negotiable though: s’mores! I love these creative ideas for gourmet s’mores—perfect for glamping at home. Don’t have a fire? no problem with this awesome S’mores maker. And be sure to check out this ULTIMATE s’mores kit.

6. Create outdoor themed cocktails.

Who said glamping had to be boring? Create a small bar and come up with some cheeky outdoor-themed cocktails to add a fun element to your backyard glamping. Whether it be a Mountain Mule or The Redwood, you and your friends can get creative and enjoy creating new drinks to keep the night alive. 

Need some inspiration? Try one of these 20 Cocktails from Around the World recipes!

7. Bring the games.

Every game is better played surrounded by the sounds of nature. From corn hole to Bocci, horseshoes to KanJam, yard games keep you and your crew having fun the whole night.

Or, take it old school and bust out the classics like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, and Kick the Can. I know it may sound silly, but trust me—you’ll have a total blast playing these old faves… and don’t be surprised if things get surprisingly competitive!

8. Bring some Glamping at home entertainment.

Bring out your movie projector and put up a screen for an easy way to binge your favorite Netflix series while enjoying your backyard glamping. Simply hang an old bedsheet, or better yet, an outdoor projector screen from the top of your shelter. You can even use the side of your house for your projector wall.

outdoor Movie Date Night At Home

If you loved telling ghost stories around the campfire growing up, why not up the ante and watch some scary movies while you glamp? Just make sure you’re being mindful to the neighbors when it comes to the light and the speaker volume!

Not into scary movies? Check out these 41 Best Travel Movies.

9. String up some bunting pennants.

This is one of my favorite creative at-home glamping ideas! While first used in the 17th century by the Royal Navy, this triangle-shaped banner is extremely glamping-worthy.

On a string, tie up bunting of any kind and put it inside your tent, outside across some trees, or let it sway in the wind over your lounge space. You can buy some on Amazon (here’s a link to tons of cute ones) or make your own with either fabric or paper! Trust me, it’ll seriously bring glamping in your backyard to a whole new level.

glamping at home idea - bunting pennets

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