7 Travel Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Looking to indulge a little wanderlust but don’t have any travels coming up? Look no further than your podcast app! Whether you’re in search of the scoop on van life or simply want to listen to insane travel stories from your favorite celebrities, here are the best travel podcasts of 2022!

The Best Travel Podcasts of 2022

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1. Zero to Travel Podcast

Hosted by Jason Moore of the ZeroToTravel website, the Zero to Travel podcast will introduce you to tips, tricks, and resources for affordable travel. He, along with his guests, explores topics like digital nomadism, travel budgets, getting paid to travel, and more. 

If you’re a beginner traveler looking for basic tips or you’re looking to incorporate more travel into your lifestyle, Zero to Travel is an excellent resource!

Zero to Travel

Recommended episode:How to Get Media Coverage + Sailing The World w/ Erin Carey,” if you’ve ever wanted to start your own business from the road. Listen as Erin Carey, a sailor and PR specialist, explains how she transitioned from a 9-5 corporate job to sailing the world, while also giving tips for growing an online audience!

2. Greetings from Somewhere

If you loved Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, you’ll want to binge Greetings from Somewhere. The host, Zach Mack, road trips across the US, stopping along the way at places like Marfa, TX and Joshua Tree for in-depth exploration. He interviews locals and does his research for an immersive listening experience.

He also breaks up the destination-specific episodes for “detour” episodes about topics like “the myth of the American road trip” and how to travel responsibly. Sadly, there’s just one season so far, but with 12 episodes, it’s a worthwhile binge.


Recommended episode:Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV,” for all those Burning Man-curious listeners out there. Super fascinating to get the background and history of the iconic festival!

3. Armchair Explorer

Armchair Explorer brings adventurers, explorers, and travelers onto the show to tell their favorite travel stories with the host, Aaron Millar, an award-winning travel writer. 

The stories are presented documentary-style, complete with music, sound effects, and excellent production, so you really will feel transported into the story. Armchair Explorer focuses on more adventurous types of travel stories, so it’s perfect for you if a trek across Africa sounds like your kind of travel.

armchair explorer - travel podcasts

Recommended episode:Diving the Titanic with Deep Sea Explorer Rory Golden,” for a firsthand account of diving the most famous shipwreck in the world.

4. The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubenstein

If you’re looking to escape into someone else’s travels, The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubinstein is a fantastic choice! She interviews celebrities like Dev Patel and Stanley Tucci about their favorite or most influential travel stories. It’s funny, heartwarming, and will make you want to book a flight ASAP.

Recommended episode:Jessica Nabongo, the first Black woman to visit every country in the world,” for an incredible interview with the inspiring entrepreneur, influencer, and all-around badass, Jessica Nabongo, about all of her (mostly solo) travels around the world.

5. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

For travel advice and inspiration, tune into JUMP with Traveling Jackie for a lighthearted listen. She covers a variety of topics from fine dining in Italy to outdoor adventures, but her bread and butter are location-specific episodes. 

Come along with her to Patagonia, the Balkans, or the Amalfi Coast as she explores the world and goes on adventures. Her main mission is to get you out of your comfort zone and into the world, so it’s great for both novice and veteran travelers alike!

Recommended episode:Off the Beaten Path in Tuscany,” if you’re like me and could use a glass of red wine and fresh pasta right now!

6. The Trip

For quick bites of adventure, The Trip is a great, easy listen when you’re just driving to the grocery store. The focus of the show is beverages from around the world. You’ll listen as the host, Nathan Thornburgh, travels to unique locations and imbibes in the local spirits, celebrating their drinking culture. 

Season 1 features longer-form episodes with Anthony Bourdain interviewing locals and other interesting guests over their drinks of choice.


Recommended Episodes: from the new season, “Chacha Divine.” It’s a fun listen from an off-the-beaten-path location! From the first season, “Beirut: Farrah Berrou,” is an incredible deep dive into the lesser known, but delicious world of Lebanese wine!

7. Backpacker Radio

For all my hikers out there, Backpacker Radio is full of trail stories from thru-hikers from the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and more! Even if you’re not a hiker, the long-form interviews are great sources of inspiration and laughs on your down days.

In addition to interviews, the hosts, Badger and Chaunce (trail names, of course), host panel discussions for hiking the long trails of the world that are full of tips and tricks on becoming a backpacker.

Recommended episode:Girl Stuff,” is a two-part panel led by female thru-hikers, where they answer all of the questions they usually get as women backpackers. It’s hilarious and informative, whether you’re planning your own thru-hike or just trying out car camping for the first time.

8. The Van Life Series

If you watched Expedition Happiness and wanted to quit your job and buy a van, The Van Life Series is the podcast for you. It’s hosted by Camille Cannings, a van lifer herself, as she interviews other people who have ditched their 9-5’s and are taking on the open road.

It’s extremely informative if you’re looking to make the switch from house to wheels. If you’re content with just daydreaming about van life, it’s a great listen because of the fun and quirky personalities that van life tends to attract.

Van Life Podcast

Recommended episode: Lisa M Jacobs,” for an inspiring story from a corporate lawyer turned van lifer as she built the life she wanted to live, not the life others expected her to live.

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